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10 MBA programs To Gear Up Your MBA Career

Spencer Hill

If you aspire to build a career in management in the public or private sector, MBA is the perfect career option. The MBA program has been continuously evolving to meet the emerging demands of industries is ideal. It is a well-recognized degree that equips aspirants with different skills to resolve real-life and technical situations and balance the management equation.

In today’s world, MBA is considered the most necessary credential that can strengthen your CV. So, let’s dive into the top marketing programs existing in 2021. I have created the list as per the QS Global MBA Rankings 2021. These programs were ranked on entrepreneurship indicators, return on investment, employability, alumni outcomes, diversity, and thought leadership.

Here is a list of 10 business schools in the Global MBA Rankings 2021 is:

  • Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School is ranked at #1 international business school. Harvard is a dream school to many MBA aspirants for its high admission standards, management consulting, healthcare, technology, outstanding teaching quality, an incredible roster of alumni in powerful positions. Thus, it is no surprise that getting admission to HBS will not be easy.

HBS MBA curriculum is divided into four semesters: fall and spring for one year and fall and spring for the second year. The curriculum has 120 courses in various subject areas. In addition, students are allowed to choose up to 5 electives per semester and may take any combination of classes.

Tuition fees: US $ 146,880

Total percentage of international students: 37%

Acceptance rate: 12%

Average GPA: 3.7

  • Stanford GSB

Stanford is another famous business school for its tie ups with tech start-ups, Silicon Valley, and venture capital investing. In addition, students are allowed to customize their curriculum with courses at other Stanford schools, seminars, electives or a joint or dual degree throughout their degree.

Tuition fees: $141,180

Total percentage of international students: 43%

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Acceptance rate: 7.2%

Average GPA: 3.8%

  • Hass School of Business

Haas is also an excellent choice for MBA aspirants. The college’s 21-month program includes 12 core courses and electives to tailor the curriculum as per your specific needs. Haas MBA is scored highly for employability, thought leadership, and return on investment. During their course, students will have to complete an ‘Applied Innovation’ requirement. Students will be able to hone their leadership skills through teamwork and experimental learning.

Tuition: $119.622

Total percentage of international students: 35%  

Acceptance rate: 13.2%

Average GPA: 3.67

  • Wharton MBA program

Wharton has equal power in areas like technology and entrepreneurship. They have launched Tangen Hall as their home for entrepreneurship at Wharton. The school also created San Franciso Campus to host one cohort of its Executive MBA program. MBA programs at Wharton allowed second-year students to take leadership roles in key areas that include leadership training, admissions, academics, and student life and career development.

Tuition: $162,756

Total percentage of international students: 30%

Acceptance rate: 25%

Average GPA: 3.6%

  • Northwester Kellogg

The MBA program at this school is popular mostly because of its team-based approach. Its 21-months course comes with several global learning opportunities, including 37 exchange programs across 20 countries. Students are also allowed to customize their curriculum with seven optional majors, including finance, economics, and marketing.

Tuition: $ 143,088

Total percentage of international students: 37%

Acceptance rate: 20%

Average GPA: 3.6

  • Columbia Business School

The full-time MBA program at Columbia Business School involves over 200 electives, career-focused concentrations, and 4,000 graduate courses. Students get to choose from finance, accounting, and entrepreneurship. Plus, the NYC location is a catch, too. Columbia makes it possible for students to interact with senior industry professionals who are very hard to reach. Their Master Classes are the best thing for MBA aspirants, where an MNC presents a live problem to campus and ask students to work on it. Their immersion Seminars allow students to visit top executives in NYC offices to have candid discussions.

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Tuition: $143,088

Total percentage of international students: 47%

Acceptance rate: 16.2%

Average GPA: 3.6

  • MIT Sloan School of management

This 24-month MBA program is another ideal opportunity for MBA aspirants. The school is popular for its faculty’s research excellence. It even received a perfect score for thought leadership. MIT Sloan believes in ‘Action Learning’, letting students have hands-on experience to help companies solve real-life business challenges. This way, students get to develop their leadership and management skills.

Tuition: $148,400

Total percentage of international students: 41%

Acceptance rate: 22%

Average GPA: 3.54

  • The University of Chicago Booth School Business

The 21-months MBA program at Chicago Booth comes at the eighth place, receiving high scores for employability and thought leadership. They have a flexible curriculum, making it easier for students to tailor their learning experience according to their personal preferences. If you have already covered all materials provided in their core course, you will be transformed to a more upgraded version. 

Tuition: $144,000

Total percentage of international students: 31%

Acceptance rate: 22%

Average GPA: 3.6

  • UCLA Anderson

A leading business school in Los Angeles, UCLA has excellent placement in the LA offices of BCG, McKinsey, Bain, and top investment banks.

 Its 22-month MBA program received high scores for return on investment, employability, and thought leadership. The program will be based on around nine courses, elective classes, and long-term projects.

Tuition: $130,228

Total percentage of international students: 31%

Acceptance rate: 35.3%

GPA Range (Middle 80%): 3.1 – 3.8

  • Yale School of management

The 21-months program at Yale School of Management consists of core modules in the first year, electives in the second from the schools of engineering, management, art, and more. As part of the Global Study program, students also have the scope to travel abroad for a weeklong course at another b-school.

Tuition: $ 139,000

Total percentage of international students: 44%

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Acceptance rate: 23.7%

Average GPA: 3.69


Stay updated with the top business schools in the US, and selecting the best MBA program will become easier for you. Your MBA career starts here, right at picking MBA programs for your career. Then, based on your location, budget, and other interest preferences, MBA aspirants can easily select the right career option from the list.

So, make a wise choice. All the best!

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