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Why Your eCommerce Store Needs A Magento SEO Company

Dan Kogan

Today, setting up shop is easier than ever. You don’t need to rent office space or hire vendors to help you out with your sales. You don’t even need to keep an inventory. The only need you need to do to start your business today is to create a website and you´re gold. Or at least that’s what the eCommerce industry keeps telling us.

With the advent of eCommerce platforms, business owners and entrepreneurs saw a new and revolutionary way to satisfy the needs of their customers for a fraction of the cost. The investment required to start a business venture was drastically reduced, while the boundaries imposed by having a physical location started to disappear. Now online stores can serve people miles away, or even around the world, without having to open stores in every city.

Having a properly set up website is enough to dominate any industry. However, notice that the keyword here is “properly”. There are many eCommerce platforms out there that claim to let users launch a completely operational online Magento store in minutes. However, this is a half-truth at best.

Yes, you can use a software-as-service solution to launch a shake-and-bake website in under 30 minutes. But that does not mean you will start selling your products right away. In fact, more than 90% of websites out there never get a single visit from search engines. More than a quarter-million websites are created every day, and 225.000 of them will never get hits from Google searches.

Building a completely functional and optimized website that generates higher long-term organic traffic requires careful planning and impeccable execution. Most eCommerce platforms offer incredibly easy-to-use website creation tools with hundreds of attractive and professionally-looking templates that offer a decent level of customization. They work ok most of the time. However, problems arise once store owners realize that, if they want to rise above other commercial websites (90% of which fail), they need to apply methods and practices not sanctioned by these cookie-cutter eCommerce platforms.

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Magento is a rare breed among website builders. It is an open-source software you can download for free. It might feel daunting for beginners who have no coding or programming experience. However, it allows you to quickly build websites by way of templates, just like other popular website builders, so the learning curve is not that steep. Now, Magento allows you to gradually remove the training wheels as you start feeling comfortable with your decisions. It might take longer to build a website, but the results tend to be superior if your hand is guided by a Magento SEO company.

Most SEO campaigns require an extensive optimization process that is almost impossible to execute on template-dependent website builders. Magento places its bets on a freer and more customizable platform that gives users the power to strip their websites down to the bare metal and build them up with only the strictly necessary elements that guarantee the highest performance in terms of speed, graphics, content, and conversions.

With content being so important to an SEO strategy, online stores cannot afford to have a website that severely limps in that regard. Magento greatly outperforms most other eCommerce website builders in this department by allowing users to install and run powerful content management systems that rival even the best blogging platforms.

Of course, building a high-performance Magento online store requires extensive knowledge of the platform, and the help of an experienced agency specialized in building successful websites based on the platform. Make sure you get the best Magento SEO company by contacting 1DigitalⓇ Agency and start your path towards commercial success.

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