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Why Your eCommerce Business Needs Magento SEO Services More in 2021 Than Ever Before

Jacob Alex

Magento is one of the most robust eCommerce platforms out there. Open-source, it has a large corpus of support materials and professionals and is endlessly customizable. Some of the world’s largest, most successful online enterprises are built on Magento – but even some of these are not entirely without the need for Magento SEO services.

The reason is that Magento, being open-source, requires merchants that use it to provide their own hosting, updates and patches, security, and more. Near-constant development work takes resources away from digital marketing efforts like search engine optimization.

Here’s why Magento SEO services are as critical in 2021 as they’ve ever been.

1.Building brand awareness
SEO is all about increasing an eCommerce business’s online visibility. The more effectively a website can rank for competitive keywords, the more potential customers will see it pop up on Googles and other search engine results pages.

Greater visibility equates to greater brand awareness.

2.Increasing your search share
Search share is given as a percentage, calculated by how many impressions your listings receive divided by how many they could receive. The lower your share, the greater your opportunity, the higher, the more effectively you are outranking your competitors. With Magento SEO services, search share should increase.

3.Generating a list of qualified leads
Many eCommerce businesses are successful at generating leads to their website, but SEO can be specifically used as a tool to generate new ones. Not all first-time visitors will convert, but they can be considered potential customers.

4.Improving the quality of traffic that visits your website
Similarly, not all traffic that visits a website should be considered as qualified traffic. Magento SEO services should be used to target keywords that are better aligned with search intent so that the traffic to your website is most likely to engage in a sale.

5.Increasing the volume of organic traffic that visits your website
Then again, Magento SEO experts can help simply by boosting absolute traffic figures to your Magento website. Sometimes, a higher volume will result in more sales, even if a lower percentage actually converts. That’s still a success.

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6.Serving as a long-term complement to your other marketing strategies
Magento SEO specialists can formulate SEO strategies that will also complement your other digital marketing efforts, such as PPC and social media management. In fact, social media management and SEO work hand in hand, particularly, with respect to social signals and link strategy. A Magento SEO company should be able to unite your efforts across all platforms.

7.Get your content before the eyes of more users
SEO also gives your eCommerce business the ability to distribute your content more effectively and to make more users aware of your content channels. Magento SEO services can help your website and its content become more visible, which is highly valuable to organizations that lean heavily on their content strategy for conversions, as well as on eCommerce businesses that are largely content-driven.

Contact Genius eCommerce for Magento SEO Services
Whether your aim is to get your online store to rank more effectively in the search results or you’re actually looking at Magento SEO services as the direct bridge to higher sales and conversions, it doesn’t pay to work with anyone but the absolute best in their field.

Contact Genius eCommerce online at Genius eCommerce to get started a Magento SEO strategy that will not only meet these requirements but deliver others. The Magento specialists at Genius eCommerce are versed in technical SEO, content marketing, and other digital marketing channels, and are poised to develop an eCommerce SEO plan for your eCommerce website that propels it to the tops of the search engine rankings while supporting your other digital marketing initiatives.

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