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Why your Business Needs Custom Retail Packaging!

Ken Wilson
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It is quite obvious that you need distinct packaging to make a mark in your consumer market. Retail packaging can revamp your brand’s appeal and enhance its prominence among rival companies.

When customers make a buying choice, the packaging plays an integral part and influences about 80% of the final decision. People will not buy products boxed in shabby packaging that doesn’t fit with the usage of the items inside.

Often brands are seeing selling identical products in the same consumer markets. How can you be different then? Undoubtedly the packaging can be of immense help here. Not only do the boxes signal who is the manufacturer but also convince buyers of your products’ worth. These are important components in building a concrete brand image that lasts more than your rivals.

Still apprehensive of the packaging’s significance? Following are some solid reasons why you should opt for customization for retailing instead of boring and basic brown packages:

  • The custom packaging is more dramatic

When was the last time you bought a product in a generic box? Probably a long time ago or never. The fact is that customers prefer buying items that belong to an individual brand. The reasons are several but the obvious one is that the products can be traced back to have a reliable authority and origin.

Most popular brands can be seen employing enticing boxes as their packaging companion. The boxes in question are made with artistic patterns to encourage the viewers to buy the products they envelop. These make the brand look better and appeal strongly to the intended buyers. Consumers too take elevated interest in boxes that look fit for their requirements. With attractive features, the boxes make the items a must-have commodity and boost sales when compared to the generic boxes that do little in intriguing buyers.

Retail packaging
  • Personalization adds spark

Incorporating custom elements like the brand’s logo and style can dominate the retail racks with comfort. There are certain features that are absent from brown packaging and can be made to look engaging:

  1. Specific images to illustrate the products inside.
  2. Vibrant colors to spark curiosity and please the onlookers.
  3. Made of the apt sizes pertaining to the products.
  4. Option to emboss, foil stamp, and print the fonts and graphics with premium inks

These along with other embellishments make your brand an instant customer magnet at the retail outlets. Attractive packaging helps to capture such attention that basic packages cannot even get close to!

Certain products like cosmetics, makeup items, jewelry, food items, etc., sell solely on how they are perceived by clients. For this, customized boxes are the most powerful tool to divert their focus on your brand and inflate the sales volumes.

  • These boxes make shipment safe and simpler

You have the liberty to pick the materials you deem suitable for your products to craft your retail packaging. There are numerous stock options at your disposal. They all help to keep the contents safe and can be constructed considering the nature of your items. For instance, fragile products can be stored in cushioned boxes like corrugated boxes. Perishable food products can be wrapped in Kraft and cardboard boxes to preserve their freshness and so on.

Such flexibility is often missing in standardized boxes that offer nothing more than mere basic coverage for your valuable items. If you do not want to risk sending your items in ordinary boxes, the attaining sturdier tailor-made boxes can be your best option. These carry the products safely and ensure that the customers get the best shopping experience by getting their purchases in good conditions. This would prompt them to choose your brand for all future orders and spread improved brand recognition.

  • Accommodate all retail products

Personalization helps to create the boxes as per your exact requirements. The packaging would look and measure in dimensions chosen by you. Thus, you can have your products placed in boxes that can be styled creatively and offer the best packaging solution. This is something that is missing from the usual boring boxes that fail to hold the items perfectly. Either they are too large or too tiny for the products and hence, do not make the products appealing to the viewers.

Moreover, getting packaging that is too big consumes more than required materials. The packaging costs go up and the company suffers from broken shipment too. To avoid this, avail of packaging that is specially made for your brand and successfully houses the products without wasting resources. The materials used to create such boxes are easily available and cost less as they are bio-degradable and offer to be reused too.

  • Develop a durable brand loyalty

Have you seen customers opting for a specific brand for their precise product needs? We all have our favorite brand that we buy from to get our essential demands fulfilled.

Why has this become so?

Over the years, brands have recognized packaging as a way to connect strongly with their buyers. It is not just considered a protection tool. The packaging can be made under your marketing needs. The boxes convey details about the products and brand and can help the customers to place their trust in the brand. When buyers see their specifications being printed on the boxes, they are highly likely to buy those products and eventually, rely on the brand name to provide the best products. This prompts brand loyalty and places the brand higher among the competition.

Ordinary and basic boxes fail to generate such an interest from their intended buyers. They do not disclose intrinsic info and do not engage the customers to buy from the brand. Thus, they might not be a good packaging solution to opt for as compared to more visible and persuasive retail packaging.


The many positive impacts that customized boxes have over the generic ones are proof of why you should go for the formal one to attain a professional repute. Your brand identity can soar higher by a milestone.

Ken Wilson

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