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Why You Should Start Out With Hand Blown Glass Pipes

Matt Bebawy

If you’re just starting out on your leafy journey, you’ll probably come across various tools and smoking paraphernalia you haven’t really seen that much in movies. Most of the smoking equipment used that you often see on TV shows are bongs and dab rigs which are quite complicated for a first-time smoker and are also too harsh for anyone who still doesn’t quite have the lung capacity to smoke out of those. For a first-time smoker, your first best friend would surely be glass pipes. These things also vary in type, there are chillums, spoon pipes, sherlock pipes, bubblers, and steam rollers. Of all the glass pipes we have mentioned, the steam rollers are the most complicated to use so, let’s steer clear on that for now.

The origin of the glass pipes can be pretty perplexing, nobody really knows how it began. However, to make things simpler and easy to grasp, it’s highly possible that glass pipes started out from wood pipes. Enthusiasts and glass blowers all over the world just then incorporated hand-blowing glass pipes along with the advancement of glassmaking technology we see in our communities these days.

Unique hand-blown glass pipes are considered a one-of-a-kind work of art. For the most part, if you decide to purchase a hand-blown glass pipe, you’ll most likely own a unique piece of art that no one else owns other than you. Simply put, it’s like the Mona Lisa, but for smoking cannabis or tobacco nonetheless. However, perfecting the glass-blowing technique wasn’t that easy, it had just gotten better over 50 years ago and since then, glass-blowing artisans have already produced hundreds and thousands of designs available in the market today.

It’s not just novice smokers who use glass pipes these days, to be honest. Even seasoned smokers still prefer unique hand-blown glass pipes over the water filtration system of bongs and dab rigs because of their unmatched designs and portability. Another reason why most smokers prefer smoking out of glass pipes than any other pipes is the unadulterated, clean flavor void of any further flavors that smokers get out from it.

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There are a few thousand glassblowers in the states alone, not to mention those that come from the other parts of the world. They don’t really get so much out of making glass pipes but their work comes from the heart of creating artistic unique hand blown glass pipes. They see themselves as true artists and what you’re getting from buying these hand-blown glass pipes is a masterpiece.

If you love smoking discreetly in your own space or if you’re out in public, you can opt for a chillum which is the most basic type of glass pipe out of the five we have mentioned before. Chillums are also called “one-hitters” due to their size and their ability to take small amounts of dry herb. If you’re only up for smoking once a day after lunch maybe, then chillums are the right tool for you.

Looking for unique hand-blown glass pipes? You can also try spoons and sherlock pipes which are more cooler looking than the rest of the pipes we mentioned, other than that, they are also easy to carry and do not take up so much space in your bag. If you also like the tiny version of a bong, there are bubblers that use water filtration similar to that with bongs and dab rigs. These types of glass pipes are readily available at Funky Piece Smoke Shop at very affordable prices. Check out their website and see for yourself.

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