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Why You Should Design Customized Name Badges for Your Business

Kim Smith

An important element of any business that has employees dealing with customers in person is how your staff looks. You want all of your employees to be the best representation of the company as possible and look put together. This is usually managed via a dress code of some kind, which can often lead to using uniforms or customized name badges. We would recommend the latter to most businesses as it is so easy to implement and so beneficial at the same time.

Adds to Branding
Anyone who is reluctant to design and adopt customized name badges into the workplace may want to shift their perspective and instead of seeing it as a task to complete, see it as an opportunity to take advantage of. You can use your customized name badges to contribute to the branding that your company has going on, so you get all the benefits of using name tags, along with the benefits of additional branding. With name tags, the details are more small and subtle, so you do not have to worry about the imagery being overly done. It is a small detail that your customers will notice as they get a feel for the place and what your business is like. It shows attention to detail which leaves potential customers with a good first impression. Getting your name tags customized with your brand’s logo and color theme is also a much better use of the space than simply using a blank name badge with a name and job title written across it. You can do so much more with that space, so you might as well enjoy the design process.

Looks More Professional
Even if you are unsure at the moment as to whether or not your business should begin using name badges at all, you should consider some of the benefits it has for the image of your company. Using name badges for work can improve interactions with customers and give them a better first impression of your business, which is invaluable. Customers feel more comfortable when they can easily identify people by name and having visual reminders can assist in that. This is also a really great idea for any business that does not currently have a uniform policy for employees. Wearing customized name badges adds a layer of polish and professionalism that you would not be able to see with ordinary clothing, while also allowing you to not use actual uniforms. There is no need to go so far as to implement a complete uniform policy when your employees already look like a team.

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Easy to Design & Create
Before you get your name badges, you first have to settle on a design that you want to see everyday and present to new customers. Since name tags are so small and generally simple, you do not have to do too much with the design. You can just start off by deciding on the text and font used to write the name and job title of your employee, then you can add some details around that. Add the company logo, tagline, branded colors, etc. Then once you have it mocked up, you can submit it to a name badge supply store to craft your customized name badges.

Creating your own customized name badges for your employees can be an easy and highly rewarding process that mainly comes down to you finding the right supply store that will offer you flexibility in designs for a fair price. One store we suggest you check out is because of their quality, affordability, and variety. They really let you have creative freedom with the designs and it pays off in the end.

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