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Why You Can Trust Bradley Corp. and Bradley Repair Kits

Rick Green

When you are making plumbing repairs to a commercial location, you need to be able to depend on the parts and tools you’re using to get the job done. That’s why you should turn to industry experts and brands that have been dependable time and time again.

That’s where Quality Plumbing Supply comes in. They happily and seamlessly connect plumbing professionals and enthusiasts alike with the top brands in the industry. They make online shopping for any and all plumbing products painless and easy.

They offer their customers various options from one of the top leaders of the plumbing industry: Bradley Corp. When searching for Bradley repair parts and other such products, you should consider the plethora of options available with Quality Plumbing Supply.

While there are plenty of other plumbing companies and suppliers in the market today, why exactly should you trust Bradley and Bradley repair kits above all others?

Invented the First Washfountain
The very first washfountain was invented by Harry Bradley, the owner of Allen-Bradley, in 1921. He thought up this ingenious idea in order to quicken the process of cleaning for his factory crew by having them wash their hands in one place at the same time.

This invention changed factories forever, as it drastically improved cleaning but also saved money and time. From that pivotal moment, Bradley Corp. has been making continuous and monumental strides to improve the washroom and its accessories.

Experienced, Trusted, and Driven
The Bradley Corp has been trusted by patrons for 100 years. They have successfully both designed and manufactured commercial and industrial products for plumbing and other uses.

Their vision is also an especially commendable characteristic, as they focus on four main driving forces: customers, quality, innovation, and family. Alongside these, they pride themselves on boosting the safety in industrial environments.

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Wide Variety of Clients
They don’t just stick to one specific type of client but have adhered to several various types over their long history of production and servicing. They have worked with:

● Commercial

● Education

● Industrial

● Energy

● Petrochemical

● Manufacturing

● Healthcare

● Emergency safety

● Entertainment

Because of their well-rounded experience, they can best cater to nearly any client by providing them with sublime products and services.

Wide Range of Products
Not only do they have experience with numerous client types but they also have a plethora of options in products for these clients. They have handwashing fixtures and accessories, washroom accessories, showers, toilet partitions, emergency and safety systems, and much more.

One popular product from the well-known brand is their repair kits, as they know that issues can arise on occasion. There are numerous Bradley repair kits to choose from, so let’s look at five of the best-selling options available at Quality Plumbing Supply:

1. S65-123 Solenoid Repair Kit

2. S65-418 Repair Kit TMV

3. S65-249B HD Replace/Retro Kit – Wall Saver

4. S65-249A HD Replace/Retrofit Kit Panelon

5. 300-0760 Repair Kit Bradtrol Valve

No matter which Bradley repair kits or other products you’re looking for, Quality Plumbing Supply has what you need. Be sure to browse their various Bradley Corp. products and give them a call at 1-833-251-4591 to get any and all of your questions answered.

For more information about Thermostatic Mixing Valve Parts and Bradley Washfountain Parts Please Visit: Quality Plumbing Supply

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