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Why Use Blackout Drapery on Rods at Home?

Allen Smith

Looking for a new drapery for your bedroom? Why not try blackout drapes? Blackout drapery on rods is a practical choice that will save money and provide sound sleep at any time of the day. These drapes are also very useful if there are young children at home. Blackout curtains are preferred for bedrooms as well as living rooms. Here is a quick glimpse at some of the benefits:

Benefits of Using Blackout Drapery on Rods

  • The ability of blocking light is the greatest benefit of blackout draperies. This is especially useful for people working overnight and also for children. With blackout curtains, sleeping during daytime is not at all difficult. Blackout curtains create a nighttime ambiance and hence, reduce health risks that often come with irregular sleep patterns.

  • Blackout draperies are also the right choice for a movie or TV room. They create complete darkness in the room by blocking any kind of light that can ruin the home theatre atmosphere at home. When purchasing these draperies, make sure that the curtains are sufficiently big so that they fully cover up the window frame.

  • Another great advantage of blackout drapery on rods is their ability to lower energy costs. In most houses, a substantial amount of energy is lost through the windows. Blackout curtains reduce energy bills up to 25%. In the winter season, these draperies trap heat inside a room, thereby, creating a comfortable ambiance inside. On the contrary, in the summer, blackout curtains reflect this heat out of a room. In both the circumstances, you ultimately save on energy expenses.

Do blackout drapes really work?

Blackout drapery on rods are made of fabric panels which can block all kinds of lights from entering the room. Installing these curtains is an efficient way of creating a dark environment for sleep or for home theatres. Besides ensuring good sleep and reducing energy bills, these draperies also protect flooring and furniture by preventing them from getting exposed to excessive sunlight or UV rays. In fact, they are an affordable alternative to energy-saving blinds.

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