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Why Hands-Free Vibrators Are Perfect For Improving Intimacy

Jessica Haberer

Vibrators are a staple when it comes to sexual pleasure, however, some are better suited for improving intimacy than others. If you are looking for a sex toy that will give you more freedom in the bedroom and allow you to focus more on your partner, hands-free vibrators may be just what you need to spice things up.

What are some of the concrete advantages of using these kinds of vibrators over traditional models? This article will cover a few of the finer points you need to know if you want to improve intimacy with your partner with the help of the right adult toys.

Paying Attention to Your Partner
Hands-free sex toys allow you to focus more on what matters in the bedroom: your partners! And while any kind of vibrator can be used to foster intimacy, going hands-off when it comes to your sex toy of choice will allow you to be a lot more “hands-on” with your partner, which is great for intimacy.

While traditional vibrators can certainly be used to create some intimate moments, sometimes you just want to feel your lover’s touch and focus more on their pleasure as well. How do you achieve this while still getting all of the benefits of a well-made vibrator? (Yes, we’re allowed to be greedy here!)

When you are lip-locked or busy exploring your partner in the heat of the moment, do you really want to stop to pick up a vibrator? There’s nothing wrong with doing so, but it can interrupt the spark that comes with skin-on-skin contact. Whether you are pleasuring yourself with the vibrator or if your partner is doing the work for you, there is a limit to how handsy you can get when using these kinds of adult toys, that’s just the reality.

It’s so important to pay attention to your partner during sex if you want to please them and fulfill their needs. This isn’t always strictly about sexual stimulation, either. When using a typical vibrator, you may have to break eye contact, for instance, which can be a turn off for some people. Proper attention is what creates real intimacy, and the sex toys you use should help to strengthen this intimacy, not detract from it.

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With a hands-free vibrator, you will be able to pay much closer attention to your partner, without having to fiddle around with anything else. While there is a time and a place for traditional vibrators, if you want to give your partner your undivided attention (or receive the same from them!) going with a hands-free model may be the perfect way to do so, while still getting that extra bit of stimulation you’re craving.

Advantages of Hands-Free Vibrators
Whether for solo play or a more intimate time with your partner, hands-free adult toys provide several clear benefits:

● Achieve the same kind of clitoral stimulation as with a traditional vibrator in a more discreet manner. These wearable vibrators can be used in and out of the bedroom, for sexual stimulation whenever the need arises.
● Frees up your hands for more intimate foreplay with your partner, without sacrificing any of your own pleasure.
● Great way to maintain sexual stimulation even during lulls in the action.
● Perfect way to be more intimate with yourself during solo play.
● Ultimately allows you to give your partner your undivided attention.

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