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Why Do Some AR Lowers Feature Cerakote?

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Look up Cerakote and you’ll see interesting questions in the “People Also Ask” section of the search results like “Does Cerakote wear off?”, “What is Cerakote?”, and “Is Cerakote the same thing as Ceramic?” It seems like there are a lot of questions floating around and a lot of searches indicate that many people have no idea what Cerakote is and why some AR lowers proudly boast “Cerakote.”

So let’s take a look at what Cerakote is and whether or not it’s a selling point in an AR lower, or in other firearm components, for that matter.

What Is Cerakote?
Those people asking “Is Cerakote the same as ceramic,” are sort of onto something. Cerakote actually is a ceramic coating, but it is a special ceramic-polymer coating that provides the benefits of ceramic with the strength of a polymer base.

Some ceramic coatings are brittle, but Cerakote is exceptionally durable. The polymer-ceramic blend is more resilient than simpler ceramic coatings; Cerakote is unlikely to chip and protects the surface of the coated material from scratches, chips, corrosion, and more. Special ceramic coatings like Cerakote specifically improve chemical resistance. Cerakote, specifically, is resilient enough to be dropped without cracking or breaking, potentially improving the strength of the underlying material, depending on what it is.

Cerakoting is not just applied to firearms; you will also find it on other steel tools such as knives, though it can be applied to wood and synthetic materials as well.

Should You Buy an AR Lower with Cerakoting?
For many years, firearms components were protected from corrosion, chemicals, and scratching via methods such as bluing or the use of corrosion-resistant steel. However, neither bluing nor stainless steel is as durable as Cerakote. Neither is waterproof, there are no stainless steels that are as corrosion resistant as ceramic, and worst of all, methods like bluing need to be reapplied from time to time.

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AR lowers that feature a Cerakote finish are effectively waterproof. They are highly resistant to damage due to being dropped and are highly resistant to corrosion and chemical damage. Cerakote helps to serve as a barrier that will stave off oxidation as well as damage incurred by exposure to fouling. Cerakote is also not absorbent, so in most cases, it can simply be wiped clean. Cerakoted surfaces also will not attract oils, dust and dirt.

Cerakote is also effectively permanent, so it never needs to be reapplied. Moreover, Cerakote has the potential to minimize wear on surfaces because it has a lower coefficient of friction than naked aluminum.

Cerakoting is also not unique to lowers. Some gun owners choose to have certain internal components of their firearms finished with Cerakote. Since Cerakote is so thin, it often does not interfere with reassembly or operation. In fact, because it is slick and is its own protection against corrosion, firearm internals coated in such a manner require less liquid lubrication – which traps dust and dirt and presents its own issues.

Some also choose Cerakoting not only for the protection it offers but because it is an effective way to personalize a lower receiver. Receivers can be purchased with a Cerakote finish or taken to a gunsmith that offers Cerakoting services and finished in the color of your choice.

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