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White River Knives: Why Are They Great and Which Are Their Best Products

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When you are looking for the best knife to complete your collection, it can be difficult to find the right one for you and the purposes for which you need it. You need to find a knife that can get the job done right while also being dependable for years to come.

That is where White River Knives can come in handy. This small family-operated business prides itself on crafting the most efficient and highest quality knives because they know how important your knives are, so they want to provide you with only the best of the best.

Before you go off and purchase just any knife from this reputable and commendable brand, you should know why they are so popular and deserving of your trust and which are the best-selling offerings from this company so you can make the best purchase for you.

Why White River Knives?
This particular company is one that is worthy of merit for numerous reasons. They have decades of experience manufacturing high-quality knives that are made in the USA and use 100% American materials.

All of their knives are handmade, furthering each piece’s fine craftsmanship. The people behind the name have experience creating military-grade equipment, which they have now repurposed to create their popular knives. They also have extensive knowledge and experience in manufacturing auto tools, firearm accessories, knives, and more.

What’s particularly remarkable about their knives is not only their high-quality craftsmanship but also their high-quality materials. They use several American-made steels, such as CPM S30V and CPM S35VN. These steels are superb for cutting for many hunters and outdoorsmen in various applications.

They also use high-carbon steels, like 52100 and 440C stainless. Their knives are versatile and can be efficiently used in a variety of uses, such as hunting, fishing, survival, and more.

2 Best White River Knives of 2021
Now that you are confident that you will purchase a knife from White River Knives, you need to be sure that you purchase one of the most modern options they have available. Let’s take a look at just the top two knives from this company in 2021 to inspire you to make that life-changing purchase.

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Firecraft FC 3.5 Pro – Orange G10 Handle
If you’re looking for a partner to help you during those survival times, then the Firecraft 3.5 is one you want by your side through it all. Its compact size, which is 7.75 inches, makes it easy to carry, but don’t be fooled into thinking that bigger is always better. This knife features a clip point and has a sturdy blade made of CPM S35VN stainless steel. Plus, the orange G10 handle provides you with optimal control and grip for seamless use.

Camp Cleaver
Looking for something to make your chopping and cutting significantly easier while in the great outdoors? In comes the Camp Clever. Its black burlap micarta handle is ergonomic and even has a convenient hang hole at the end. The blade is an upswept cleaver and made of CPM S35VN stainless steel. This 10.25-inch knife is one you’ll be proud to have in your collection– and with you anywhere you go.

Where to Buy White River Knives
This company is admirable even where they sell their knives. They principally have their knives available for sale in establishments that carry (and pride themselves in doing so) near-custom-made knives.

That is why the best place to purchase any of their knives is through The Knife Connection. This store has all of the most popular, dependable, and high-quality knives for outdoorsmen on the market today. They have a large selection of knives for knife enthusiasts to choose from. Have any questions? Give them a call at 1-866-336-2834.

For more information about Bradford Knives  and Bark River Knives Please visit: The Knife Connection.

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