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When is the Best Time to Sell Your Apple MacBook Pro?

Amato Cole

Apple is one of the most dependable and reliable electronics producers on the market today. There is really no question about that. This global leader in electronics trumps competitors in various categories: efficiency, ease of use, customer satisfaction, modern and clean aesthetics, security, innovation– the list goes on and on.

While Apple products, especially the MacBook Pro, are exceptional devices, they all do end up fizzing and dying out at some point or another (can you believe that they don’t last forever?). Whenever that happens, you will need to get a replacement.

However, in doing so, you will be required to shell out a lot of dough to cover the costs, especially for a MacBook Pro. That can be stressful and less-than-budget-friendly. But, there is one saving grace: to sell your Apple MacBook Pro.

When you are looking to sell your Apple MacBook Pro, you should pay close attention to the overall condition that it is in along with its model, of course, but you should also consider the time of year you’re selling it. When you think about the time of the year and plan it just right, you could get even more money in your pocket for your old laptop and place it toward your new one!

1.Black Friday/Cyber Monday
We all know that people are looking for the best deals around the holidays, but especially so on Black Friday. They want to be able to purchase products and even services at great rates for their family, friends, and even themselves!

This is an optimal time for you to sell your MacBook Pro. That’s because, while you don’t need to necessarily drop your rates that far whatsoever, people will be more inclined to purchase your computer. That way, you’ll have more potential customers and you could even create a bidding war if you felt inspired to do so.

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Everyone is also in a rush to get that laptop. Hasty buyers make the best buyers for you!

2.Back-to-School Sales
Many high school and college students are desperate to have a new-ish laptop for school. Usually, they wait until the last minute to take advantage of those back-to-school sales. While they may not have a ton of money to spare usually, you can still manage to make a great deal with them. More money for you, a reliable computer for them: it’s a win-win.

3.Before You Buy Your Next Laptop
As mentioned previously, you are selling your used laptop in order to purchase a new one. Therefore, you should sell it before you buy the new one so you can directly take your new funds and put them towards your shiny new laptop.

4.Before It’s Outdated
At some point or another, your laptop will become outdated, especially because Apple churns out new models of their products in nearly a blink of an eye. Apple MacBook Pros typically last around six years, but since Apple creates new models so often, you should try your best to sell your MacBook Pro before it gets to its third year.

This is in the case you want the most money back because, the longer you wait and have your computer, the less value it has.

5.Before the Release of the Newest Version
On the topic of “losing value,” your laptop will lose value the moment a new model is released. Therefore, you should try to time your sale before that new release. That way, you can get more money for it. Plus, buyers will be more intrigued and want to buy a laptop around that time but end up opting for a used, less expensive, and less modern version.

If you are looking to receive the most money when you sell your Apple MacBook Pro, you should simply sell it to Mac Me an Offer. They will provide you with the highest payments amongst their competitors, no matter the time of year. Be sure to give them a call at 800-581-8987 to get all your questions answered!

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