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What to look for in the CCS software you buy

Archie Iliffe

The prime purpose of investing in a CCS software is to simplify and drive effectiveness across the process of managing childcare business. The best CCS software is built to support a number of childcare processes like bookings, payments and discounts. They are built from the ground to be able to support the businesses running from multiple locations and offering a plethora of services. Nevertheless, they can also ably cater to the needs of small childcare services. While investing in a CCS software, you must not fail to look into these aspects so that you can distinguish the best CCS software from the rest in the industry.

Innovativeness and compliance
There are so many things to address while designing a CCS software. A good CCS software must feature a number of innovative features that you can bank on for the effective management of your childcare business. A good CCS software can query the government database in real time and update the latest changes to the CCS enrolments and subsidies. This will ensure that your system is up to date with the records available in the CCSS system. One of the biggest advantages you must be able to expect in a CCS software is that it will ensure that the fee estimates you provide to parents are up to date.

Automation of enrolments and attendance
A professionally designed CCS software will automate most of the CCSS requirements letting you focus on your core activities related to taking care of the children. It is necessary for CCS software products to be registered with the government and be able to automate the enrolment and attendance submission process. In short, a good CCS software can effectively provide the features and integrate the technologies and applications very well to meet the needs of educators, parents and childcare business.

Simple vacancy reporting
One of the robust functions of a good CS software is to be able to submit the vacancy reports pertaining to a childcare to the CCS system in a smart way. Up to date vacancy reporting is crucial to the running of a childcare business. Once this is done, the processes can happen smoothly ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations of the governing authority.

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Reconciliation of CCS payments
A good aspect to expect in a CCS software is the automatic reconciliation of the CCS payments with the statements given to parents, monitoring the entitlement changes and tracking the payments. It will also notify the parents if there are any changes in the entitlement details.

Final word
If you have already invested in a CCS software, check if the current product has all the above mentioned features and tools to determine if it can be depended on. If not so, it is time that you look for a better one to take your business to the next level of compliance and effectiveness. The advantages of a good CCS software in driving professionalism across your childcare business operations cannot be underestimated.

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