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What T-shirt size do I fit into A guide to selecting the appropriate size for your group order

Ellionza Lopez

What T-shirt size do I fit into? A guide to selecting the appropriate size for your group order

Just a stylish t-shirt is not enough. When you are ordering custom t-shirts for a group, make sure that you are buying appropriate sizes. It is a bit complicated but not rocket science. 

While selecting and buying any kind of apparel item, the size of the garment is of elemental importance. The fit of the garment must be such that it will not only look good on you but at the same time, it will also keep you comfortable all the while you are using it. This is one of the basic guidelines which need to be followed even while shopping for T-shirts or custom hoodies


T-shirt size

Although T-shirts are considered to be casual or informal wear, they are also worn to numerous formal occasions in the present times. A t-shirt is an ideal garment that blends style and comfort like never before. To look good in a t-shirt and feel perfectly comfortable in it, you need to buy or get the right fit. This is not all that a big problem when you are shopping for a t-shirt for yourself. The problem occurs when you are about to place a group order trying to cater to a large gang of people with different kinds of physical dimensions. In the course of this discussion, we will try to take a look at the basic guidelines which will help you to place such a group order for T-shirts.

Consider your market

One of the very first things, which you must take into consideration while placing such a group order, is the sizes of the individuals for whom you are placing the order. The task becomes fairly easier when you are about to buy one or just a couple of T-shirts for a single or two individuals. You know the sizes and the seller is ready with the product. However, when the number of team members is a considerable one, the challenge emerges. People in different countries have different size parameters. For example, American buyers often have a greater requirement of extra-large sizes as compared to buyers from Asian countries. Talking about the Indian market, here again, there is a considerable requirement of different sizes like ‘large’, ‘XL’, ‘XXL’, or ‘XXXL’ of t-shirts. Before placing a special group order for a limited size of buyers, like employees of a company, make an estimate of the people and their sizes to whom you are about to gift the T-shirts. Most of the members fit in large and extra-large sizes. A few may require XXXL. For the employees in an office, ask the HR department to estimate the size. In the case of school children, the class teachers can provide an average estimate. 

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You must remember since this is a personalized gift the sizes must be appropriate. As per the heights of the members, you can order in bulk. 

Guesswork can put you in trouble

Remember, guesswork wouldn’t be a solution. If the group is small, you can take note of individual size but if the group is large, take a sample with twenty percent group members see;ected randomly to find the sizes required.  Ending up with the wrong inventory estimation can put you into major trouble. While placing a group order if you make a mistake in estimating the requirement of any particular style category, you might end up with an inadequate stock of the most demanded size for your audience and again on the other hand you might be left with all the sizes of T-shirts in your stock which has no demand at all. When both these phenomena happen at the same time for you it can mean huge trouble for the occasion for which the T-shirts have been ordered. Such an incident can eat into your chances of success in a big way!

Closing note

On a closing note, it can be said that it is extremely important for people pacing the bulk order for the custom hoodies or T-shirts to make a correct estimation of their size requirements, at the time of placing a group or a bulk order. It is one of the principal rules to follow when planning to buy in a bulk. If you have received the responsibility of placing an order of customized T-shirts for a closed group of members, then you must remember to follow a few steps. List down the names and their sizes. Try to keep the sizes a tad extra than their actual sizes. This will help if the material shrinks after a few washes. Mention the exact sizes of the brand from where you are about to buy the T-shirts. Once this part is done at the time of placing the order then you can rest assured that the remaining part will be smooth and hassle-free. It is simple as easy ad breezy as that!

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