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What is the meaning of MOP?

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What is MOP? According to Wikipedia, ” The term Market Operating Price (MOP) is the price at which a business will sell its product or service in the market.” In other words, it’s whatever you need to pay online to get it. What is SRP? According to eBay’s Help Center, “Your Seller’s Guide, the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) helps buyers identify the price range of products they may want to shop for. The SRP is not an actual price, and there is no required price that sellers must adhere to when selling on eBay.”

Mop meaning is one of the most widely acknowledged acronyms. Defined as “Market Operating Price” and widely used by any organization or firm, MOP is the benchmark for pricing the services or goods offered under a unified brand. In short words, MOP is the price at which an authentic brand/seller plans to sell its commodities/services in the market, after giving a certain profit margin.

 The MOP and SRP of a product is a price that is set by the manufacturer of the product based on a certain criteria. The MOP is generally lower than the SRP, but when a retailer advertises an item at the lower MOP, the difference between MOP and SRP is not always passed onto consumers. The consumer can then end up paying more for a product than what was originally intended.

In the retailing industry, it is a common practice to indicate the price of products in the form of MOP (Market Operating Price) and SRP (Suggested Retail Price). While both these terms are mentioned interchangeably and are used interchangeably in some countries, there is a slight difference between MOP vs SRP. The term MOP or Market Operating Price refers to the actual price at which goods are sold in the market . On the other hand , SRP or Suggested Retail Price is generally a benchmark that can be used by sellers or manufacturers to price their goods . 

Mop Meaning – Market Operating Price(MOP) is a retail pricing benchmark set by the manufacturers for their products. The MOPs are often different than the Suggested Retail Prices (SRPs) set by the distributors.We are going to discuss the difference between MOP and SRP. The prefix ‘MOP’ stands for Market Operating Price. It is the benchmark price set by the manufacturer for their products in a certain country. This can be any price, depending on how the manufacturer wants to price its products in that country. While ‘SRP’ stands for Suggested Retail Price which is recommended or prescribed price set by the manufacturer for their products.

what is merchandise planning? Merchandise planning is a systematic approach to planning, buying, and selling merchandise to maximize your return on investment (ROI) while simultaneously making merchandise available at the places, times, prices and quantities that the market demands. It can be utilized not only in manufacturing but across the whole of business by relating to three key areas: product, place and price.

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