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What is the fuel crisis, and why has it happened? Kammy
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One of the biggest problems that the whole world is facing nowadays is the shortage of fuel. Even a country as prosperous and advanced as UAE is going through this fuel shortage. Hundreds of petrol stations across the UAE are experiencing traffic jams and angry drivers waiting for their gasoline. However, the only question that remains for the public to consider is why?
BMW is counted among the very few motor cars companies to introduce the first electric car. Even though the company is planning to shift to a total eco-friendly electric engine, still the experts at Car Engine Service in Dubai has shed some insight into what in actual is meant by the term Fuel Crisis and another question of utter importance, what does it mean to the drivers of UAE.

Before diving into the details of why is happening what is happening, let us go through what is meant by the fuel crisis?

Fuel Crisis

Fuel Crisis most of the time doesn’t happen when there is a shortage of fuel rather it happens when there is a big fluctuation in the market price of the fuel. Talking about real-life examples, Fuel prices have reached their highest level in 8 years as of September 2021. When you add in HGV driver shortages, longer border and customs lines, panic buying, and political issues, you’ve got a fuel crisis on your hands.

Not only Dubai has this catastrophe caused a massive blunder, but the UK has also been one of the most effective countries in the world. British Petroleum has disclosed that roughly 30% of their stations have run out of both types of gasoline. Even though fuel firms are working to “resupply as quickly as possible,” the shortfall has already impacted thousands of drivers. The worst-affected places, according to Gordon Balmer, executive director of the Petrol Retailers Association (PRA), are London and the South-east; but, as the issue develops, more and more areas are facing fuel shortages.

Fuel Shortage

Now you might be thinking that it is the actual fuel that is being shortened resulting in the Fuel crisis, but in actual it is the shortage of people among the chain that is supposed to bring the petrol to a confirmed spot that is causing this catastrophe. Again, the UK is the country that’s got to suffer the most from this fuel shortage.

Because petrol is in relatively plentiful supply, HGV drivers are needed to transport the petrol that the world is running out of. Since the world has changed as a result of COVID, there have been some prerequisites for becoming an HGV driver. HGV drivers must now produce a separate qualification at border crossings to transport hazardous liquids such as Fuel, which has resulted in a significant slowdown in the transit of these commodities. Other elements, of course, play a role as well.

Panic Buying

This fuel shortage has resulted in people buying by staying in the queue outside the petrol pump for hours, just so to fill up the car tanks before it completely runs out. Following warnings from certain major suppliers that supplies may be in short supply, there appears to be pandemic-like general anxiety regarding fuel. We’ve seen it previously with toilet paper during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s occurring again with petrol.

How can you be of help in all this fuel crisis?

Since the fuel crisis has been hitting the economy of the world globally and it has also affected the households as wee. The first thing one can do is to prepare for it as a fuel crisis is something everyone would have to see and handle daily. One can tackle the situation by minimizing the usage of petrol daily.

Excess usage of petrol will do nothing but make things worse for you which would lead to panic buying, resulting in moving towards the fuel crisis. What you can do in this situation is keep your tank at least a quarter full in case you need to go to another station to fill up or run out of gas. This encourages drivers to not panic buy and instead stick to the ‘quarter tank’ limit to keep lines at gas stations under control. Another strategy to reduce the impact of the fuel crisis on you and your family is to become familiar with the state of the fuel stations in your area. Keep an eye on the news to discover whether your local station has gone out of business. If that’s the case, find the nearest one that’s still open and inform your neighbours.
Keeping up with all the aspects in mind, one can conclude that fuel crisis is something happening not only in a specific area but all around the world and the only way to deal with it is to cut short of all the unnecessary usage of the cars.

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