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What is Skunk Cannabis?

Enzo Schillaci

If you’re regularly involved within the world of cannabis and other cannabis products, then you know all too well the different types of weed there are and how many there are to choose from. Since cannabis has been grown, there have been new types of strains of each cannabis plant that tends to look, smell, taste different, all with different effects to them when consumed.

One of these famous strains of weed is called skunk. While the name sounds unappealing, it’s actually a very popular strain of weed to this day. Its nickname came from English slang that basically means that this stuff is the real deal. Its high potency of THC makes it’s quite a strong strain of cannabis. It’s one of the most popular and well-known strains to date, with a lot of history behind it that makes it an interesting strain to even learn about before you smoke it.

Nowadays, skunk can be heard used in a derogatory way, with some people referring to skunk as an illegal weed that you get from dealers on the street. As far from the truth that is, skunk still can have some negative connotations for some. But real stoners know of the true background
of the strain skunk #1, a strain that has been bred many different types of great moderns strains that we all smoke to this day.

But what kind of cannabis is skunk cannabis? Every single skunk variety originally derives from the original skunk #1 strain. The #1 strain comes from the hybrid strains of Columbian Gold, Afghan, and Acapulco Gold. Both of the gold varieties are of the Sativa type of cannabis, known to help ease anxiety and create creative and fun energy when you smoke it.

Along with the other descendants, the Afghan Indica strain is known to slow you down and create a body high to relax you. Combining these three different strains into what is known as skunk #1 creates an uplifting and inspiring high with the combination of the relaxing and mellowing feeling you get from the Indica in the Afghan Kush.

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This is why it’s a highly coveted and highly loved strain. Since the original skunk #1 strain, there have been many other strains created with skunk to create interesting combinations of cannabis, all giving you a different feeling and taste to go along with it.

This strain is both a favorite amongst professional growers and home growers alike. If you step into your local dispensary, chances are you’re going to see a lot of strains that have skunk cannabis in them. This is because they’re easy to grow and people really tend to enjoy the pungent aroma and high-quality THC in its flowers.

This is a great strain if you’re looking to get started growing your very own cannabis. It honestly can be as easy as growing vegetables in your garden, just a different plant! If this is something that is of interest to you, then visit the website of Fast Buds today.

At, you are met with an insane amount of different types of autoflowering seeds and cannabis strains to choose from. At Fast Buds, they have a great selection of different strains that include skunk in them. You can choose from a range of different varieties that will be easy to obtain and easy to grow, even if you’re a first timer.

Check out their website to learn more information about each strain and how to get started. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. The team at Fast Buds is happy to help you in any way possible.

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