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What Is Pet Store SEO?

Dan Kogan

Do you run a pet store? Have you heard of the term “search engine optimization,” and thought it was solely for online businesses?

If you thought so, you wouldn’t be entirely wrong – but there’s a good reason for all businesses, including brick and mortar pet stores, to invest in SEO, specifically pet store SEO. Let’s take a closer look.

What Is eCommerce SEO?
Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of optimizing an entity’s entire online presence – including its website, local listings, and social media accounts – in order to attract favorable organic rankings in the search results of search engines like Google.

At its most basic, the purpose of SEO, in general, is to raise organic rankings, thereby raising organic traffic. One spur of SEO is eCommerce SEO, which is aimed at improving organic rankings for competitive search terms associated with higher search intent. The purpose of eCommerce SEO is to attract new organic visitors that are likely to buy that website’s products or services.

How Pet Store SEO Is Different from General Search Engine Optimization
If you break it down to its most basic, pet store SEO is actually no different from SEO in general.

However, the keyword strategy and the methodologies employed by expert eCommerce SEO services providers would vary from those offered to clients in a different industry.

SEO for the pet industry would revolve around developing an SEO campaign that would focus on keywords and search terms that pet owners or buyers of pet products would be searching, thereby attracting the right customers through relevant keywords, such as those looking for “dog food” or “pet grooming services” in a given area.

Like other branches of eCommerce SEO, marketing strategies for the pet store industry would focus on the search intent and intent to purchase of pet owners and other similar potential customers.

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What Goes IntoPet Store SEO?
Like other “types” of SEO, the process of optimizing a pet store’s website for pet store SEO involves many moving parts. Generally, these can be broken down into one of the following aspects of an overall SEO strategy:

●Content strategy: Keyword research will enable a keyword strategy to be developed; consequently a provider of SEO services will deliver a variety of content, including but not limited to blog posts, web page copy, and offsite guest posts that will be used to increase the authority of the client website so it can rank higher.

●Link building strategy: Links, which can diversely be lumped into internal links, backlinks, and outbound links, constitute an important ranking signal that directly impacts website domain authority.

●On-page factors: A variety of factors on a website are considered ranking signals, including title tags, metadata, image alt text, and website code, all of which can affect website standings.

●Technical SEO: In addition to the factors listed so far, technical factors like site structure, navigability, user interactions, loading speed, security, and many others can have profound impacts on website indexing and rankings.

●Miscellaneous ranking signals: Ultimately, the purpose of a pet store SEO campaign is to optimize the overall footprint of the company, whether it is an online shop, a purveyor of pet services, or a brick and mortar merchant selling pet supplies. There are more than 200 ranking signals, according to most SEO experts, and some do not fit neatly into any of these other categories. For example, one miscellaneous ranking signal that has to do with local SEO is GMB optimization.

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How Your Business Will Benefit
By investing in pet store SEO, your business, whether online or brick and mortar, may experience the following benefits:

●A better user experience for your website, including lower bounce rates and higher time on page.

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●More referrals, generated by backlinks arising directly from pet store SEO services or from shares between potential customers.

●Greater brand awareness, as your website or local listings, will be more visible to potential customers seeking your products or services.

●Higher conversions and sales for online businesses, or more appointments, foot traffic, or shop sales for brick and mortar organizations.

●Supports other marketing initiatives, such as paid search strategies and social media marketing, as a more visible website encourages user trust and appears more credible.

●Pet store SEO can also diminish your reliance on paid search ads to generate sustainable traffic.

These benefits and others can be directly tracked through Google Analytics and Google Seach Console – which an SEO expert will monitor for you during the course of a campaign.

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