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What Impacts the Cat Price in Mumbai?

Devendra Singh

If you are a cat lover and are looking forward to bringing a cute little kitten to your place and if you are residing in Mumbai, you have the most common questions like others about why cat price in Mumbai is high? Well, this is true that some of the exotic kittens are truly at a higher price tag, but not all. If you are looking forward to buying a Persian cat, you have to spend more because of the demand.

This is totally dependent on the type of breed you choose. However, again the breeder has a lot to decide while you buy a cat in Mumbai. Since they are the ones to handle them, they can judge and decide the price. However, you must know that exotic cats have higher demands and more prices. Therefore let us find out what are the prime things that actually affect the price and compel it to move higher.

The Location:

There is no doubt that location has a major impact in deciding the price of the cat. You will find cat price in Mumbai is higher compared to the neighbouring rural areas. This is because the demands for cats are much higher in Mumbai compared to the other locations. Besides, the number of cat lovers who are willing to pet cats are seen to be more in the urban locations, which is also a reason why urban locations have more prices.

Therefore all you need to do is do in-depth research of the breeders offering cats in your location. However, bear in mind that even the most reputed breeders will not be able to sell Persians or Himalayans and other exotic breeds at a lower price. The only benefit that you can avail of the quality breeder is that they can slightly reduce the cat price in Mumbai.

The Breed:

As you have already known by now, that breed is another most important factor that adds to the price. While you can get the indigenous breeds at much competitive prices, the exotic species are not available at a reasonable price.

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Just like you must know, the Persian cat variety is one of the exotic breeds that are known for their facial types, colours and most importantly, their face. You can choose any type you wish, but again each has a different price structure. The thick luscious coats of these breeds make them one of the significant choices among the people.

You can check Mummy Cat as they offer cats for sale in Mumbai. They have some of the exotic breeds that you are looking for.

The Maintenance:

You must be thinking that since you have to handle the maintenance, how should I pay for maintenance before? Well, you must know that the breeder needs to take a lot of steps to make sure that the kittens that are kept for sale should be healthy and happy.

Some of the most common things that they have to do are to vaccinate them, deworm them to make sure that the kitten is ready to move to a new place. They have to handle the kittens with utmost care and attention and which is why the maintenance cost adds to the price.

The price heightens when you choose the high-end breeds. As they have much demand and they are rare species. They need additional maintenance. The kittens that have thick coats of fur are the ones available at the higher cat price in Mumbai.

The Breeder:

Last but not the least, this again depends a lot on the breeder. If the breeder is aware of the market and what the customer wants, they will keep the price as per the requirements. Keeping all the basics in care, when a breeder offers a reasonable price, they tend to attract more sellers.

If you are looking for one such breeder to buy a cat in Mumbai, you can choose to get in touch with Mummy Cat. They offer a huge knowledge about the different breeds and the way to maintain them. If you wish to know the black cat price in India, you can directly contact them.

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Bottom Line: So now that you know the things that major have an impact on the cat price in Mumbai, you can keep a realistic expectation. Even when most breeders offer high-price, you can check Mummy Cat to get reasonably priced cats.

Devendra Singh

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