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What are the best laminates to enhance your restaurant décor?

Taj Secombe

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or just basic hunger, there is hardly anybody who doesn’t like eating at a restaurant. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that the ambience and the décor of the restaurant also plays a major part in influencing our decision of choosing a restaurant. Moreover, the increasing number of eateries in a particular area has forced hotels and restaurant owners to focus on the décor along with the dishes on the menu to attract customers.

So if you’re wondering how you can enhance the interior decoration of your restaurant, consider using Royale Touche laminates. In case you have already given it a thought, the following points will guide you through the various types of laminates that will transform your vision into reality.

High Gloss Laminate

Based on your design plan, different types of laminate contribute to achieving the desired visual appeal. When it comes to adding style to modern living spaces, high gloss laminates are always the most preferred choice in contemporary times. Besides, their shiny gloss and light-reflecting characteristics add depth to smaller spaces and solve the problem of lesser availability of light in private places.

One of the major reasons why high Royale Touche high gloss laminates are favoured is due to their light-reflecting properties that make a room appear bigger. It’s the best option for restaurants with small spaces as well as in the small kitchen. In addition, they have a contemporary appeal that makes a place appear vibrant and inviting, an important quality that every restaurant must-have.

Anti-Static Laminates

This laminate is nothing less than a ground-breaking solution because it ensures a safe environment in electrostatic high-risk places. Also, referred to as Electrostatic Dissipative Laminates, these laminates are ideal kitchen and restaurant countertops used for electric appliances that take away the static charges and reduce the possibility of the spark that can harm the electric appliances. Moreover, they are easy to maintain, durable and stain-resistant, making them the right laminates for restaurant, and kitchen areas.


Acrylic laminates

Acrylic laminates are very popular these days as they bring a sophisticated and high-end modern look to décor. Moreover, its ability to reflect light makes it an important part of any interior decoration as it adds instant brightness to any place. With effortless upkeeping, moisture-resistant properties, acrylic laminates are a perfect choice for restaurant decoration. Moreover, these laminates do not fade when exposed to consistent sunlight or UV rays.

Textured laminate

Allowing endless creative possibilities, textured decorative laminatesare known for enhancing the look of natural-looking surfaces including raw silk, suede, stone stucco finishes, and others. These laminates are used by interior designers to add depth to any space and create an artistic surrounding where you would love to spend more time. However, these laminates should not be used in places like the kitchen and areas that receive high footfalls. They should be used only for decoration purposes.       

Matte-finish laminate

These laminates are mostly preferred for the kitchen because they have strong dust and scratch resistance quality. Furthermore, Matte-finish laminates are easy to clean and maintain, which is an important requirement, especially in restaurant and kitchen areas.  

Metallic laminates

The laminates that are recommended for kitchen and restaurant are metallic laminates. They provide a metallic finish and a sleek appearance to any interior decoration. Even though they are available in limited colours including copper, silver, platinum, and gold, they serve as a great addition to an interior design that uses different laminates to transform a space into a splendid work of art.

Overall, designer laminatesare the ideal choice for surfaces because they are handy and versatile. One of the main reasons why laminates should be favoured over other surfacing alternatives is they increase the life term of furniture by protecting them from moisture, stain and bacteria throughout the year.

Laminate products are also known for being fire retardant which makes them a great component for restaurant interior decoration. In addition, the antibacterial properties are essential for maintaining hygiene inside a restaurant and in the kitchen. Nonetheless, it is advisable to choose Royale Touche laminates so that you can find the best laminates from a wide range of choices. In the end, nothing brings people together like good food served in a beautiful ambience Learn More

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