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What are the Benefits of High Friction Surface Treatment?

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High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST) is a type of coating that is added at top of a road surface. It is applied on surfaces of roads that get polished in regions where drivers tend to apply brakes frequently– such as at an intersection, down steep roads, or going around curves. Due to this reason, vehicles tend to skid more – given that there is less friction between the road surface and tires. With High Frictiontreatment, pavement friction can be reduced on wet road surfaces. Hydroplaning, skidding, etc. can be eliminated. Know about the benefits of this type of treatment.

High Friction Surface Treatment
High Friction Surface Treatment

Long-lasting and durable

High Friction Surface treatment can ensure a long-term and resilient solution to areas where the prevailing quality of pavement is good. But the crashes occur partly due to a lack of enough friction. The expected lifespan of this kind of treatment is around 10 years. A specialized truck can be used to apply HFST, distributing the epoxy onto a road surface. Along with aggregates spreading done afterward treatment of the road surface. There is the application of epoxy on the road surface, and a squeegee is used to spread it. The aggregate is shoveled manually onto the epoxy.


High Friction Surface treatment is comparatively affordable than geometric improvements. This might be expensive but is a durable option – which compensates for the high cost at the initial stages. This kind of treatment lasts for a decade. One treatment can help reduce crashes for many years, which ensures that the ratio of benefit to costs is quite high. This can be a surface option of a reasonable cost that can offer plenty of benefits. Most essential is the cost-savings over the life cycle of the pavement. It can be a long-lasting and durable surface option to opt for.


This kind of treatment can be customized to the specific local and state safety requirements. High Friction Surface treatment can be used where it can be most effective, as displayed by own experience and studies, such as:

  • Urban and rural intersections
  • Segments close to, or at areas where there is merging or changing of lanes
  • Sections close to or at steep grades
  • Bi-lane horizontal curve locations in rural or urban areas
High Friction Surface Treatment
High Friction Surface Treatment


There is little or no impact on the environment due to this kind of treatment. There are almost no damages on the road surfaces even after the continuous movements of heavy vehicles. Also, this kind of treatment can be applied often in just a few hours. Thus, there is minimal delay in traffic and the impact is much less, when compared to the time needed for a regular pavement overlay project.

Increases Water Drainage:

Water drainage and skid resistance on road surfaces can be increased with such kind of treatment. It can be applied fast as well as it can withstand heavy traffic and weather changes. The time for installation takes 2 – 3 hours, for application and curing, and a single lane of traffic needs to be closed for this duration. It can be very effective in reducing spray and splash, hydroplaning, and braking distance.

Conclusion: Reduces Fatalities:

All kinds of skids and crashes of an injurious or fatal nature can be avoided with High Friction Surface Treatment. When a skid resistance policy is implemented, the wet road crash rate can be reduced significantly. Mostly occurs no curves and intersections crashes take place related to wet-pavements or careless driving habits. The effects are more prominent, injuries, crashes, and fatalities can be decreased. This is an innovative method that can improve motorists’ safety at crash sites of high priority. It is a great technique that is worth going for.

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