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What are SY Cables and Their Different Types?

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SY cables are industrial cables that are designed in such a way to provide more controlled functions in environments where high resistance against high levels of stress is required. The controlled function also preserves the flexibility of these cables while operating in highly demanding environments. It consists of a braided galvanized steel wire covered with a transparent PVC sheath. The transparent sheath has an advantage because if any damage is caused underneath, it will be visible, like in a 2.5mm 3 core cable

Besides industrial applications, the cables are also used in domestic settings for easy installations, such as garden lighting and other similar applications. The design of these cables helps to reduce any interference in the phone lines, primarily due to the galvanized steel braided structure. Many other types of cables are available, but this specific type is used to form power leads that include armored extension leads. There are multiple measurements of SY cable like 1mm, 1.5mm, and 2.5mm 3 core cable Screwfix that are the various types of SY cables.

Types of SY Cables

The strength of these SY cables is that they are effortless to use, just like a 2.5mm 3 core cable. There are many different cords with the exact specifications, each manufactured for a different purpose. For example, a type of SY cable is used in automation applications for measuring or controlling signals. Such cables are also designed with standard insulation. 

A conductor is protected against electrical interference twisted around every strand in both cables. Then another layer of protection is present around the cord that provides more insulation against external sources. It consists of three layers that include two conductors that are wrapped with each other besides the galvanized steel. The conductors are then, in turn, covered with thermoplastic material. Typical SY cables are produced with TPR that includes stranded tin copper and a galvanized steel wire braid that is efficient for mechanical protection. 

1mm SY Cable

1mm SY cables are standard galvanized steel braided cables that provide some control and are primarily used in factories, worksites, and other industrial applications. These SY cables are also used in damp, wet, and even dry environments. Additionally, these cables are ideal to be used as interconnecting cables for measuring, controlling and regulating or setting the direction of control devices for assembly and production lines, computer equipment, and conveyor systems. SY cables of 1 mm measurements are most commonly used in industries like:

  • Building sites or construction works.
  • Road transportation industry.
  • Transfer and automation control along with many other applications.

1.5mm SY Cable

A 3 core SY cable with a cross-sectional area of 1.5mm is a robust control line cable and can provide power to an enormous range of single-phase or control installations. The wire has been heavily covered with galvanized steel that protects against heat and strain. This feature makes 1.5mm SY cables the best for the construction and manufacturing industries. 

2.5mm SY Cable

2.5mm SY flexible cable consists of a galvanized steel wire braided protection that provides additional protection from thermal and mechanical strains. This braided structure is, in turn, covered by a transparent outer sheath. These cables have anti-chemical properties and can operate effectively in all kinds of wet, damp, and dry environments. 

An example of 2.5mm 3 core cable specifications are as follows:

  • Voltage rating: 300/500 V.
  • The minimum operating temperature is -15°C.
  • The maximum operating temperature is +70°C
  • Outer Diameter: 11.7mm
  • Shielding: Galvanized Steel Wire Braid.
  • The cross-sectional area of 2.5mm 3 core outdoor cable is 2.5 mm².
  • The conductor material is Annealed Copper.

SY Cable Rating

Like other cables, SY cables also have different types and voltage ratings. Voltage is defined as the variation or difference in the electrical charge between two points, which impacts the power of the charge transmits through a conductor. The standard voltage rating that has been identified for SY cables is 300/500 Volts. This means that they have compatibility with both 300- and 500-volt charges. However, there are cables explicitly made for 300- and 500-volt charges, but for other voltage ratings like

  • 450 Volts.
  • 750 Volts.
  • 450/750 Volts.


Process automation and control are essential processes, and SY cables help make it efficient. They are designed to fulfil the specific needs of process automation. A wide range of sizes and lengths are available in these flexible control cables, consisting of copper conductors for flexible power requirements that can be trusted even in dangerous environments. You can easily purchase these cables online or from a nearby store. 

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