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What a Reverse Osmosis System Can Do For Your Water

Krish Moorthy

When your running water in your home or office is subpar and even dangerous to ingest, it can have various effects on you and your life. You could live in constant worry of accidentally ingesting it while brushing your teeth, washing dishes, or even washing your hands. You shouldn’t have to live in fear of your water!

That is where Efilters comes in. They specialize in connecting customers with the best water filter systems on the market today, such as Everpure and Pentair. They take your running water seriously and want to ensure you have the cleanest water in your home and office that you possibly can have.

However, there are a lot of different water filter systems to choose from, one of which is the reverse osmosis system. Two of the best reverse osmosis (RO) systems available are the Everpure ROM III and the ROM IV. But what are RO systems, what can they do for your water, and why is Everpure the best to use?

What is a Reverse Osmosis System?
A reverse osmosis system from Everpure can come in and change your life for the better. RO systems are unique water treatment systems as they work diligently to remove chemical contaminants that are commonly found in drinking water.

What Do RO Systems Remove?
RO systems can effectively remove numerous contaminants, especially chemicals. They can rid your water of the following contaminants and plenty of others:


How Do RO Systems Remove Contaminants?
RO systems are so effective on these contaminants because there are multiple steps in the filtration process. There is even a prefilter involved, which removes dirt, sediments, chlorine, and other large particles. After the prefilter comes the semi-permeable RO membrane that works to remove most impurities.

The final step in the filtration process involves the postfilter, which is there to mainly improve the taste of the water (you should enjoy the taste of your water after all, right?).

RO systems are some of the most impactful of all water filtration systems because they can get the job done the most efficiently. They remove impurities down to .001 microns, which is the purest our water filtration systems are currently capable of.

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What Don’t RO Systems Remove?
While these systems can effectively filter out a lot of undesirables from your water, they are not perfect. They do not filter out bacteria or viruses, in particular. In fact, these organisms can grow on the prefilters and clog the overall system over time. That is why many manufacturers recommend users also have UV water sterilizer systems along with their RO systems, as these efficiently remove bacteria and viruses.

What Are the Best RO Systems Available?
As you might have already imagined, every brand and product is built differently and can offer you various advantages and disadvantages. That is where Everpure comes in, as they are one of the most dependable brands with the most reliable and efficient systems on the market today– and have been since 1933.

Everpure ROM III and its more recent upgrade, the ROM IV, are both fine examples of sublime RO systems. The ROM IV, for example, is an admirable product for the following reasons:

●Filters 14 gallons per day
●Simple to replace
●Water pressure range of 40-100 psi
●Undersink installation
●NSF/ANSI Standard 58 Certified to reduce cysts
●Maximum hardness of 143 ppm
●Temperature range of 32 to 120°F
●Includes membrane, storage tank, prefilter, postfilter, and faucet

Where Can You Buy the Everpure ROM III and IV?
Now that you are ready to equip your water with the best RO system, you need to know where to find them. Check out Efilters and their high-quality RO systems. Give them a call at 1-866-283-9919 with any questions you may have.

For more information about Everpure Water Filter and Everpure Water System Please visit: Efilters.

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