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Vitamin C Moisturizer: Why You Should Use It and How to Find the Best

Georgia Gould

Finding the perfect skincare routine is nothing short of a process. You may find products that are perfect for you and your skin, but then you might find others that can lead to various types of skin issues: acne, allergic reactions, dry skin, oily skin, wrinkles, aging effects, and so much more.

That is why you should be sure to always add a moisturizer into your routine. Moisturizer is key for protecting the skin cells on your face while properly fighting off dry skin and overall skin irritation. Not only is it good for dry skin, but oily skin as well, because it has humectants, which draw water into your skin. Whether you have oily or dry skin, moisturizer is key to skin health.

But have you ever heard of vitamin C moisturizer? This skincare godsent is a combination of two vital and classic skin health supporters: Vitamin C and moisturizer.

Why Should You Use Vitamin C Moisturizer?
As mentioned above, everyone should utilize the unique qualities and ingredients of moisturizer to bring out the best in their skin while promoting its overall long-term health. However, opting for the best Vitamin C moisturizer is easily the best course of action to take.

In order to know exactly why you need to add this into your skincare regimen, you should know the benefits of using it. However, first and foremost, let’s go over the benefits of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C Skin Benefits
Vitamin C is the king of promoting collagen production in the skin. This is vital because collagen is the key material in your skin in charge of keeping it as youthful and fine line-free as possible. It is the main unseeable hero behind fighting skin-sagging and keeping our skin plump.

Not only is it great for promoting collagen, but it is also excellent for fighting off harmful irritants. Because it is a powerful antioxidant, it battles pollutants and free radicals, along with their damaging effects on our skin.

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However, one mistake many people make is assuming Vitamin C tablets will drastically assist your organs and skin simultaneously. While this may be true, it is so only to a certain capacity because using it topically can be 20 times more potent for your skin than oral administration.

In comes Vitamin C moisturizer.

Vitamin C Moisturizer Benefits
When Vitamin C is mixed into moisturizer, the result can be exceptionally powerful for protecting your skin while promoting its health and look. Let’s check out the specific benefits the best Vitamin C moisturizer can bring to you and your skin.

● Hydration

● Brightens and causes your skin to “glow”

● Evens skin tone and fades hyperpigmentation

● Safe for all skin types to use

● Reduces under-eye darkness

● Protects you from sun damage

● Improves healing

What is the Best Vitamin C Moisturizer?
Now to start your hunt for the best Vitamin C moisturizer on the market today. This search can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Here are some things to look for in order to find the best of the best right off the bat.

The main characteristic you should be looking for is natural ingredients, like Vitamin E and ferulic acid. Natural ingredients are “naturally” best for you and your skin, so opt for those that use these types of materials.

Be sure to also look for something that is in your budget. You shouldn’t have to shell out too much for this product, but there are moisturizers of varying prices.

One of the best overall options is the Vitamin C moisturizer from TruSkin. Their moisturizer uses only plant-based ingredients and its price is affordable, but that does not mean that its efficacy is sacrificed. It’s an excellent product for promoting excellent skin!

Have a look at TruSkin’s skincare products, like their Vitamin C moisturizer, so you can get started on properly completing your skincare regimen! Give them a call at 833-TRUSKIN with any questions you may have.

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