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Uses of gear hob cutters for producing gears

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The gear cutters performs three main functions namely increasing the speed, reducing the speed of the motor, and also changes the direction of the shaft. The gears perform some important functions. The speed of the motor should be regulated sometimes. A small motor may rotate very fast, but the torque is not enough. It may produce enough power for any device, but not enough torque. So, gear is an object used to balance torque and speed. This gear should be molded into particular shapes. The gears have tooth for preventing slippage.  The gears have teeth to aid circular motion between the two shafts. The gear hob cutter is used to cut the gears into particular shapes or sizes. 

Uses of gear cutters

The gear cutters are cut into various shapes such as sprocket, involutes spiline, worm gear etc. These gears are molded into various shapes and designs to suit the requirement of the company. Using a hob, you can cut the gears into different shapes or designs and hob is also used for milling. In this way, this hob is used to cut different gears within a shorter time. These machines consist of two spindles that are oblique. These two shafts or spindles have a gap at a certain angle. So, a particular shape or mold is formed according to the gap or angle between the two spindles. The gear hob cutter is a device that helps in cutting in a particular shape or style. 

Many manufacturers are using the hobbing process because it is inexpensive to the other processes. It consists of two shafts that rotate in a particular direction to give the desired shape to the blank gear. 

The manufacturer manufactures different gears as follows:

Involutes gear

The involutes gear cutter suppliers supply hobs to the industries to manufacture involutes gears. Many industries are using involutes blank gears because the power can be transferred in a smooth manner. The speed or the torque is not excessive. It consists of gears that rotate in opposite directions. 

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Helical gears

The helical types are known dry and fixed types because the teeth brim is protruding and it is curved-shaped. 


On the drive shaft the teeth are known as splines and they also consist of grooves. These splines may contain lugs and chamfers. Some splines contain only lugs or only chamfers. Some of them consist of fillet radius and does not consist chamfer. The involutes gear cutter suppliers also provide involutes spline gear hobs to the industries to manufacture involutes gears. 

The manufacturers provide jobs that are used for performing different processes such as cutting the splines, gear cutting, sprocket cutting, etc. The manufacturer can manufacture gears with dimensional accuracy and speedily. They also can produce spurs. These gears are also expensive. The manufacturers can manufacture gears of various shapes and sizes such as the spur, helical, ratchets, splines, etc. 

These automatic machines can manufacture different gears both small and big for various industries. 

The cutters or hobs are used by the manufacturers to give different shapes to the gears to function efficiently. 

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