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Types of Blinds and how to install them

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Roller Blinds are very important parts of home air conditioning since they block the entry of heat into your house by around 25% and prevent direct exposure to UV rays. Blinds also make a room more luminous and cheerful.

 Blinds come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Blinds can be made from various materials such as aluminum, plastic, metal, PVC, fabric pockets, etc. The best way to install blinds is from the bottom up, when you install roller blinds, or from the top down, when you install vertical blinds. Roll Blinds can be manually operated or automated. Vertical Blinds start at a fixed height and extend vertically until the end of the rod where they end with a weighted bottom edge.

Step 1: Calculating Blind Spacing

Blinds need to be spaced apart evenly and it is best to measure the width of your window rather than measuring each blind. You will then use this number to divide into the overall size (Width) of the blinds and finally round down if needed. For example Blind Width= 48″ Blind Height = 96″ Space between Blinds = (96 / X) X = 3.

Step 2: 

Install Blind Brackets The brackets should be installed on either side of your window we recommend spacing them about 16-18 inches apart (Two Blind Sizes). Measure 16-18 inches out from either end of your window, this is where you are going to install the brackets onto the wall. Blinds are very light so you will not be able to see the brackets when completed.

Step 3: 

Install Blind Rod After measuring out where your brackets were installed, measure out the length of rod you need for both sides of your window. You have two options here you can either install one long piece or two shorter pieces that connect in the middle, it’s entirely up to you. Once measured cut your rod to size and move on to drilling holes into the rod for each hook insertion. The best drill bit size is 7/64th inch but make sure you use something smaller if using steel rods as steel is harder than aluminum or plastic rods which are much easier to drill through. This is often skipped because people think that drilling into the rod will weaken it or cause it to bend, but this is false. Blind Rods are very strong and you can drill through them with ease. Please use caution when drilling because Blind Rods are sharp at the points where the bracket hooks go in so be sure not to cut yourself!

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Step 4: 

Attach Blind Brackets onto Blind Rod

Attach each Blind Bracket onto the Blind Rod using two blind hooks per blind bracket. Make sure that your Blind Hooks are facing towards you as shown in the picture below. Please note that if your Blind Brackets have a ‘Press To Unlock’ button make sure to press it first before putting hooking on the hook. If you don’t press the ‘Press To Unlock’ button first you will not be able to lock the Blind Rod onto the Blind Bracket.

Step 5: Attach Blind Rod onto Blind Brackets

Attach Blind Dubai Rod onto Blind Brackets by hooking Blind Hook on Blind Bracket, make sure that the ‘Press To Unlock’ button is facing away from you as shown in the picture below. The Blind Rod will not be able to be locked onto the Blind Bracket if the ‘Press To Unlock’ button isn’t pushed first. You will have a slightly different process depending on whether you are back-wiring or top-wiring your blinds, but you will achieve the same end, which is hanging up your blinds.

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