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Top Five Lipstick Brands in the USA and Their Best Packaging Quality

lipstick packaging
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No single girl and woman in the world never want to use lipstick on their lip.  All and sundry females, either is 18-year girls or 35 bears old women they must have lipstick as per their requirements and need. And the endless range of lipstick brands and their collections exists in the cosmetic industry. Also, the competition among competitors is going tough day by day regarding improving products and their packaging. 

How Do You Find the Best Lipstick Brands?

Finding the best quality lipstick that is nourishing and cruelty-free for your lips is quite a difficult task. In this regard, you can find high-quality and best lipstick to enhance your personality features through online ways. You can also subscribe to the newsletter section to get time to time updates of newly launched cosmetics and skincare products. Let’s see some famous brands of lipstick.

  • MAC
  • Kylie Cosmetics
  • Chanel
  • Tom Ford

Now let’s why these brands are famous all over the USA regarding the delivery of the best quality products.


If you are searching for a model-like glam look, the MAC is the best option for you forever. It is a well-known brand globally for providing the best quality cosmetics product for its potential customers. However, it provides expensive products, but it ensures to provide high and best quality products. Therefore, no single person afford it, but if someone invests in good-quality products, they must consider this option. Some famous shades of Mac are enlisting below for you.

  • Velvet teddy
  • Retro Mac Matte Ruby Woo
  • Diva
  • Rebel
  • Frost lipstick in fresh Moroccan
  • Heroine
  • Russian red

Kylie Cosmetics

Our next trustworthy and quality lipstick brand is Kylie Cosmetics that was founded in 2014. And make their name in the hearts of people with premium quality products and their packaging.  Here is the list of some engrossing colors that they newly launch for lipstick lovers.

  • Fall in Love
  • Girls Trip
  • Koko K
  • Blushing Babe
  • Rendezvous
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Chanel produces lipstick in a huge variety of shades that help women to look fabulous and stylish. It relates to Coco Chanel and is very lightweight on lips. Apart from this, it looks seamless and wearable for a long time. They launch the collection of vibrant moods in you admired well with purple flashes and pinks hues.

  • Rouge Allure
  • Coco Bloom
  • Allure Velvet Extreme in Modern

Tom Ford

Tom Foard is a well-known American designer and film director that gain fame as a creative director at Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci. In 2006 they decided to use his own “Tom Ford” brand. The shades they offer by this brand are really good to use. Here are some famous shades of tom ford.

  • Pussycat
  • Aura
  • Indian Rose
  • Casablanca
  • Pink dusk
  • Lost cherry lip color
  • Impassioned

Packaging Standards of top Lipstick Brands

We know the quality of the above-explained products is just fantastic and unforgettable. So, let’s see how they engage more audiences by using custom lipstick packaging boxes because each one has its own design and unique color combination to rule on the mind of customers.

High-Quality Cardstock for Lipstick Boxes

the custom lipstick brands

The first standard that positively impacts the customer’s mind is to utilize the high-quality cardstock that ensures the protection of your fragile lipstick cases. However, all brands use the best quality for packaging boxes, but the Chanel have their own place regarding delivering the lipstick in customers hand. Also, the packaging looks beautiful with

Use Esthetics Design and Color combination for Lipstick Boxes

The design of these brand’s lipstick containers is awesome and spellbinding for the customers. However, the use of creamy and melting falling lipsticks from lips is just perfect for telling customers that liquid lipstick is waiting for you inside the box. So, you can say perfect custom liquid lipstick boxes; then it is never wrong that superbly convey the products used to the customers.

custom liquid lipstick

Our next example is Tom Ford lpstick packaging is superbly engaging and durable to pack your listick. The black color of packaging with golden color gives the best retro vintage look to your lpstick. Plus, the use of blind embossing texture makes the lipstick packaging box more attractive to grasp users’ attention.

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Provide Easy unboxing Experiences for Their Users

All the above-mentioned lipstick boxes are best to and easily unbox to facilitate their users. And due to their busy life people wants to buy the products of these brands. MAC offers the best and easy-to-open packaging boxes to pack their lipsticks.

Offer Best Lipstick Palettes Packaging for their Audiences

small lipstick

Most people buy full palettes of lipst6ikcs for gifts and any other purpose. Plus, it is best for professionals and facilitates professional makeup artists. So, MAC, Kylie Cosmetics, Chanel, and Tom Ford offer the best liptick [palette kits for bulk lipsticks. It easily holds 3, 4, 6, 12 lipsticks with punch partition and EVA foam tray to protect from damage.

Suggestion For small Lipstick Brands

With improving the quality of lipsticks, they also need the attention of custom lipstick boxes that generate according to the above-explained standards. It must be protective, easy to unbox, communicative, and esthetically designed to hypnotize the customer’s eyes.

Sum up The Discussions

The above discussion explains the top 5 brands of lipstic that are popular in the USA, and people trust them for the best quality products. Add to the; it tells how these brands focus their best packaging solution and provide easy unboxing to their customers. So, it provides the best suggestion to small cosmetics brands to improve their value by using quality products and their packaging. Hence, the use of custom lipsick boxes helps the brand to put a positive impression on the customer’s mind. You can order these boxes online at a market-leading price.

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