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Top 5 Effective Marketing Campaigns in 2022

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New year, new campaigns! If you’re a marketer in your company, you probably already made plans for your company’s 2022 campaigns. There is always room for improvement, especially as we enter another business year

It is difficult to find out what trends will set your brand apart from your competitors, but based on observations from previous years, we can safely assume that marketing campaigns in 2022 will be full of digitized collaborations and customized products!

We gathered the top five marketing campaigns that will be effective to most businesses in 2022. These campaigns focus on bringing a pleasant experience to your customers as you provide them with the products and services they need.

1.  Customized products.

2022 is all about customization as we tend to prefer items and products that we can build on ourselves. This creates unique products that show off individuality, and customization also allows people to decide on aspects of their products that they prefer over others.

In businesses, you can incorporate customized products into your line of offerings or services with promotional products that are labeled to your brand. Simple products like bottled water are effective enough to grow your business, and they’re also a practical way of providing useful giveaways to your consumers.

Customize your own bottled water at where you can decide on the kind of water, the type of bottle, and the design that will be placed on the bottle to match the nature of your business! Hand these out to customers for continuous marketing efforts that will keep your customers loyal to your brand!

2.  Influencer campaigns.

Influencer campaigns have grown over the past few years as more and more consumers take to their favored personalities for brand reviews and highlights. Influencers often charge fees for their promotions, but there are tiers in which businesses can choose from to collaborate with an appropriate and relevant influencer.

Micro-influencers may have a small following, but the rate of their likes to sales strikes higher percentages than macro-influencers that have millions of followers. The percentage is offset by the number of serious and dedicated followers, as well as duplicate accounts. Either way, influencer marketing will surely increase in 2022.

3.  Collaborations and licensing.

Brand collaborations have always been a trend in the marketing industry, but there is a rise in the trend of collaborations with licensed material. Licensed materials often include beloved TV series, movies, characters, and books of popular culture in which the fans of these media have the purchasing capacity to buy branded items as memorabilia or collections.

One famous fast food brand that regularly releases licensed products is McDonald’s, which has partnerships with wildly-popular shows and media such as Sanrio, Pokemon, BTS, and more. With the success of their BTS meal, we can assume that brand collaborations will continue to rise in the coming years!

4.  Virtual hangouts and events.

Since the pandemic has shifted lifestyles at home, events and get-togethers have also shifted to remote, indoor cases. This does not mean that businesses can completely forego promotional events, but instead brands take their events online through social media channels and virtual hangout apps. Reach your target audience while staying safe!

Virtual events can come in many forms depending on the nature of your business, and the trends of your target audience. Live Streaming is a great way to capture your audience in real time, while some eCommerce stores may benefit from live selling promotions. Events like concerts and digital shows can also be done online, and we’ll see more of these in 2022!

5.  Sustainable products.

Sustainability has been on the watchlist of many consumers in the past few years as news about climate change and environmental degradation threatens the balance of the ecosystem. Unfortunately, climate change has had devastating effects on the environment, as we see from recent floods, earthquakes, and forest fires.

As such, consumers are increasingly concerned about their consumption of energy, water, and other resources. There is a growing demand for sustainable business practices, as well as eco-friendly materials for products and services. Sustainability is a trend that will continue even after 2022, and is a great campaign to incorporate into your marketing plans!

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