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Top 10 Best Kitchen Remodeling Companies in Port St Lucie Florida

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The kitchen remodeling is one of the most favorite places in the house. We do not just spend lots of time in our kitchens, but also love to cook and eat there as well. Sometimes, because of extensive use and cooking, your kitchen starts to look dull and faded. On average, 28% of Americans renovate their kitchens after every 4 to 5 years.

After all, kitchens deserve to be renovated so that you can still enjoy cooking and working in your kitchen. Now, there are also many confusions and questions associated with kitchen remodeling and how to work with kitchen remodeling companies in Port St Lucie Florida. To eliminate those uncertainties, this article has answered the most common questions you have in your mind regarding Kitchen remodeling.

Helpful information about kitchen remodel

Here are some things that can help you when renovating your kitchen.

Make your kitchen work for you

You are going to be spending a lot of time in your kitchen no matter what. Think about it. Depending on how often you cook dinner and where your table is, you can spend up to three hours a day in the kitchen, on average.

Some questions you can ask yourself to help you narrow down your essentials:

  • What are the weak points of your current kitchen?
  • What more do you need?
  • What don’t you need in your kitchen?
  • Will you need to change the design?

Set a budget, for example, a decent kitchen remodeling budget would be 9-11% of that value. Moreover, new cabinets can account for 30-40% of the cost of renovating your kitchen. So if you’re happy with their placement and functionality, but the finish is dark or dull, consider painting them instead of replacing them.

Family-friendly kitchen remodel ideas

  • Design a half-wall kitchen.
  • Round those edges.
  • Install Easy to care surfaces and countertops.
  • Lower your kitchen countertop heights a little bit.
  • Install kids-friendly storage and places in the kitchen.
  • Build a multi-purpose kitchen island.
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Set A Realistic Budget

The average cost to renovate a kitchen is around $ 20,984. However, this number does not tell the whole story. Renovating your kitchen could cost anywhere from $ 4,856 to around $ 47,000 or more, depending on the size and scope of your remodeling project.

To give an idea of the renovation costs, here is Our list of the best kitchen remodel percentages:

  • Cabinets: 28.9%
  • Household appliances: 16.4%
  • Installation fee: 12.8%
  • Countertops: 12.3%
  • Lighting and electricity: 11.2%
  • Plumbing: 5.7%
  • Flooring: 4.8%


Installation of countertops, appliances, and other electronics in the kitchen is also a crucial step and you need to take care of that as well.

Choose the right cabinets

To choose the right kitchen cabinets, you need to do the following:

  • Choose the cabinet colors and doors styles.
  • Cabinets Must increase your store.
  • Match your cabinets with your overall kitchen theme or vice versa.
  • Select and build well-organized cabinets.
  • Pick the cabinets that increase your cooking efficiency.
  • Select cabinets with drawers or without drawers.
  • Choose those cabinets that can fit your appliances inside them.

Hire a kitchen designer

The skills of kitchen designers are to ensure that a kitchen operates efficiently and comfortably, maximizing curb appeal, storage and function. Kitchen designers know what works and what doesn’t. They learn from their customers what they like and what they don’t like about their old kitchens. A good kitchen designer keeps abreast of the latest trends and products. They can help you choose and incorporate features that suit your particular needs and avoid kitchen design issues.

Gutting our 35-year-old kitchen wasn’t easy or cheap but it was worth

Gutting your three-decades-old kitchen remodeled is not easy or cheap at all, but it will be worth it after you are done with remodeling. You will feel better while working in your newly renovated kitchen and that is for sure. Remodeling an old kitchen not just enhances its looks but also improves the efficiency and functionality of the kitchen.

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Pick a good contractor

Picking a good and reliable contractor is more than necessary than you think for your kitchen remodeling. This is because the contractor will be supervising all the remodeling projects. So, you need a good kitchen remodeling contractor for better kitchen renovation. You need to consider few things to pick the right contractor:

  • Ask for references and get some recommendations.
  • Watch out for red flags.
  • Does he/she have experience?
  • Look for management skills.
  • Must ask for licensing and certification.
  • Write an agreement with the contractor.
  • Get the fixed and complete quotes for pricing.

Don’t skimp on key pieces; sprinkled bells and whistles

Your kitchen is not a joke. So, do not do experiments, otherwise, you will waste your money and will get nothing except regrets. So, work smart and remodel your kitchen in a way that can add value to your home and improve the practicality of your kitchen while assuring all the necessary bells and whistles.

Add Shine With A Backsplash

Install some shiny and glittery tiles in your kitchen for an enhanced backsplash. These sparkling tiles not only look good but also add a sense of a neat and clean kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel In Port St Lucie Florida: Now You Are Ready To Hire The Best Kitchen Remodelers

After reading all of the above, now you are ready to hire the next kitchen remodeling company and start your kitchen renovation. Just search for kitchen remodeling companies in Port St Lucie Florida, select the top three, ask a few questions given above and hire the one that you think is perfect for your kitchen remodeling.

How do I remodel my kitchen on a budget?

There are a few amazing things you can do while remodeling your kitchen on a budget.

Lighten Up your Old Kitchen

Adding some funky and attractive lights in your kitchen is not going to add a fortune of extra pennies to your restricted remodeling budget. These lights will add style and function with an affordable mix of traditional and modernized ascents for a budget kitchen renovation.

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Don’t Change The Cabinets But Change The Doors

Replacing old cabinets with new ones is going to give you a shock in your estimated budget. In fact, you can just change the doors of these old cabinets which is a fraction of the cost as compared to complete new cabinets installation, and still, it will give your kitchen a new look.

Update Old, Dull, Spotty Countertops

Updating your kitchen countertops is the main and most important thing about kitchen remodeling. Of course, this is going to be a little expensive and technical work but at the end of the day, you are going to appreciate it. The countertops are the most noticeable thing in any kitchen after cabinets. Hire the best services for countertop installation in Port St Lucie Florida so that every piece of your penny is worth it.

There are different reasons for different people to renovate their kitchens according to their individual needs and necessities. But there are a few common reasons that are almost the same for everyone to remodel their kitchens:

  • To Improve the functionality.
  • Your kitchen must reflect your lifestyle and living.
  • For that sake of convenience.
  • Shaping your kitchen according to your needs.
  • Enhancing the looks of your kitchen.
  • To beautify your kitchen and give it better looks.
  • Increasing the space in your kitchen.
  • To add significant value to your home.

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