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Tips for Buying Clean Retinol Products

Jeannie Jarnot

Retinol is one of the most popular ingredients for helping people to achieve major results with their skincare routines. It is a powerful type of product that is meant to revitalize the skin, promote collagen production and cellular regeneration. People will often turn to retinol when they feel like they need to completely transform their skin like those with heavy acne scarring or otherwise dull, damaged skin. Retinol is also used as a preventative treatment because it can help to fight off signs of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production which fills out a lot of these lines on our faces and makes the skin more elastic and plump.

Overall, it is great to get onto retinol if you are able to, for both short term and long term benefits. You just have to start with the right kind of retinol for your skin type. Generally, we can recommend giving clean retinol a chance because it is formulated to be gentler on the skin than conventional retinol. If you are not fully aware of what clean retinol is exactly, you don’t need to worry. We will go into more details below explaining what this type of retinol is and what your options are for it.

What Does Clean Retinol Mean?
Retinol is a type of retinoid, which means it is a derivative of vitamin A and is used to rejuvenate the skin. It is a potent ingredient, so it is advised to be used slowly with increasing levels of use until the skin gets adjusted to it properly. Those who are invested in clean beauty products or prefer more gentle, natural skincare products are often hesitant to start using retinoids for their skin because they are concerned with the ingredients and want to use more natural products. It is worth noting that clean retinol is not a specific product, but a term for different products that act as a retinol would act for the skin, using safe ingredients.

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These are often plant-based and more gentle to the skin than your prescription-strength retinoids. People often prefer clean retinol options because it makes them feel more confident with it being in their routine. They are less concerned with it being too aggressive to the skin and feel better with products that are formulated to be safe and natural. This type of retinol is often free of BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) which is considered to be carcinogenic and an endocrine disruptor. If you are going to shop for clean retinol, you will want to consider products that offer either plant-based retinol alternatives or some combination of that with retinoids.

Retinol Alternatives
While you are reading over the ingredients lists of clean retinol products, you will likely run into a few plant-based alternatives as you go.

Bakuchiol is a great example of a popular ingredient that delivers similar results as retinoids, but with a much more gentle effect to the skin that also allows it to work in conjunction with retinol itself. Other carotenoids like rosehip seed oil are also fantastic for the skin, brightening dark spots, improving elasticity, and reducing signs of aging. These ingredients are easy on even sensitive skin and are proven to be effective.

It might be harder finding lots of great options for clean retinol if you do not know where to look.

It would help if you had some great resources for buying clean beauty products because then you could find lots of makeup and skincare products that are formulated using safe, natural ingredients. We like for this exact purpose. They carry a huge selection of clean beauty products including clean retinol options, so you can clean up your beauty routine with healthy products that are safe and effective.

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