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Tips for an effective move

effective move
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You have just bought a home, already have the keys, and are ready to move in. !! Congratulations!! Read our guide for an effective move!

Moving to a new house/place is often an exciting time. However, the very moving of objects, furniture, and other belongings often makes it overwhelming, stressful, lazy, and tiring.

Effective move Tips for everyone

They are intense days, where every detail matters. For this reason, it is vital to know how to organize a move, anticipate, plan and follow an order to minimize the possible problems or situations of boredom caused by the moves.

We want to give you some very useful tips on how to make a move in the most comfortable and agile way possible, as well as some tricks for a quick move. Who said fear?

Time to clean up and throw away

Before packing, please do cleaning.

Get rid of what you no longer like, want, or need. You can donate it, recycle it or throw it away. If you do it with time, you can even make an extra income by selling it. And before moving in and decorating your new home, remember to clean it thoroughly. The new home must be able to receive you.

Boxes, bags, and furniture

Get lots of cardboard boxes. If they have handles, the better, and if not, you can make some side holes yourself to transport them more easily.

You will also need bubble wrap, newspapers, old blankets, or sheets to protect the most fragile pieces you will have previously separated from the rest of the objects, be it crockery, glassware, delicate pieces, etc.

Soft things can be perfectly stored in garbage bags, such as duvets, towels, stuffed animals, or clothes.

With the furniture, it will depend a lot on whether you have hired a moving company or not. If it is not difficult to move and transport them in one piece, all the better. If not, it will be time to disassemble them. Keep the screws and parts that you will need to reassemble well.

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Planning with appliances

The kitchen and living room tend to take the longest to pack.

Keep in mind to consume perishable products with a view to moving and disconnect, at least 24 hours in advance, appliances such as the washing machine, freezer, refrigerator, dryer, etc.

Label, tag, and store a double “survival kit”

The process to follow is part of the inventory that you do to know what you have and what you will take with you and then check that everything is in the new home.

With the inventory in hand, label and/or label each box according to the criteria that best suit you, either by room, type of item, etc.

Finally, prepare two separate boxes:

  • A box, backpack or suitcase with the basic objects in your first days in the new house.
  • Another with documents, jewelry and the most important thing that cannot be lost under any circumstances. In particular, it keeps all important documents like passports, house deeds, and wills in a single box or handy file to ensure easy access.

A packing plan, a list and… order!

Before following the advice for packing a move as closely as possible, what must be crystal clear is that order and organization are not discussed.

Drawing an action plan is mandatory for effective move.

Start by making a list of what to do, how, and when. Don’t wait until the last week to organize everything, let alone pack it up. Packaging will always steal more time than you want or have planned. Remember that the last two days of moving are the busiest.

The top tip for an effective move: enlist the help of a moving company

The hassle, burden, and stress that a move can entail is considerably reduced if we decide to hire a moving company.

Once you find good professionals, the moving company will supply you with the boxes before the agreed date to properly pack all the belongings. And be careful here: it is very important to anticipate the moving day well in advance and reserve the date as soon as possible.

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Lots of people try to move on the same dates (weekends, school vacations, or holidays). Remember to compare budgets and the services they include to make a good move.

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