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Three of The Many Reasons Why You Should Own a Survival Pocket Knife

Justin Malone

More than just an everyday carry knife to open your packages with, survival pocket knives can have many uses in survival scenarios you least expect. Other knife enthusiasts carry these kinds of knives as a backup blade for the larger ones they carry outdoors, some would choose to treat it as their main knife out in the field. Sometimes your knife choice is the one tool you have that can make a whole lot of difference between any life and death situation, so, it better be good.

Any person who owns a knife knows how it’s like to be prepared at all times. You don’t just carry a knife around and not know how crucial a tool it is to have, and that’s not just limited to the campsite. You can be driving out on the freeway and see a person trapped inside a burning vehicle. Using your pocket knife to free someone stuck from a seat belt inside a burning vehicle in a survival situation you have never expected. But thanks to your good ol’ knife, you were able to save someone out of a death trap. That’s just one of the many reasons we have curated below why you must have a high-quality survival knife in your pocket.

Used in woodcraft
If you’re an outdoorsman, it will serve you well for having a quality survival pocket knife in your person. Whittling firewood, building shelter and making a campfire spit is not possible without your most trusted tool out in the woods. Anyone who owns a good piece of survival knife knows this very well. While you spend an afternoon at the campsite, you can also do a bit of carving using the knife so you’ll have a small keepsake from your outdoor adventure that day.

Used in food prep
There’s just so much a fillet knife cannot do when you’re out camping in the woods. And carrying one on top of your main knife is just a hassle. Plus, you want to pack light and bring the one knife that is easy to carry and could help you with just about any task including food preparation. You can cut, chop, peel and fillet a fish using your trusty survival knife. Forget about larger knives that are more effective at splitting logs, you’re only spending a night in the campsite anyway.

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Used in performing emergency medical care
If you haven’t seen it yet, there was a medical emergency scene from the famed medical show The Good Doctor where Dr. Shaun Murphy saved a random boy’s life by treating the tension pneumothorax. Dr. Shaun asked the airport security to hand him over a knife so he could make a needle decompression on the boy, but instead, all he got was a piece of a box cutter. A quality survival pocket knife can also help you in medical situations like the one that happened in The Good Doctor episode. Although, if you have no medical experience in that area, better leave it to the paramedics.

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