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Thinking about Growing with White Widow Seeds? Check out These Real Grower FAQs

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The White Widow strain developed by Fast Buds and available online at is an autoflowering variety that is reportedly easy to grow, grows quickly and flowers quickly, too. So named for its heavy resin products, White Widow is resistant to cold but will flourish in warm temperatures. It also produces pleasant effects that most users refer to as uplifting and mind-clearing.

Thinking about growing your own autoflowering plants from White Widow seeds? Here are some top grower FAQs. Check them out here, then visit if you still have questions.

How do I get White Widow Seeds to germinate?
You can likely get your White Widow seeds to germinate by placing them in a cup of water in a dark place for about 48 hours. By then, they should have cracked the seed coat and started to develop a radicle, at which point they can be removed from the water.

Place them on a paper towel until you have a radicle of about 3cm before you actually plant them, and when handling, avoiding touching the radicle.

Will compact soil affect growth?
Compact soil can potentially adversely affect the growth of White Widow plants, although it can affect other strains of cannabis too. Soil that is too compact reduces soil pore space and reduces oxygen available to the plant’s roots. It increases the plant’s risk of infection, restricts the plant’s ability to grow, and can cause drainage issues.

Some people have had success with soil density by adding coconut fibers or perlite even growing their plants in a “coco” substrate.

How does White Widow strain respond to training?
White Widow plants will likely respond very well to the “Screen of Green” or scrog method, as well as to tying down the branches. If necessary, the vegetation of this plant can also be topped to encourage sideways growth.

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Why are my White Widow leaves drooping in the morning?
If you’re leaving are drooping, it is likely due to one of two things: Temperature or overwatering. What’s interesting is that some people recognize drooping or wilting plants as a sign of underwatering, but it can also indicate overwatering, so growers must be careful.

Temperatures that are too high or too low can also cause the plant to take a “droopy” appearance. If the temperatures fall too low at night, consider building a structure around the plant or covering it with a tarp.

Will high temperatures stress the plants?
Yes, but it depends on the temperature. White Widow strains tend to flourish in warm climates (despite being cold-resistant) but excessively high temperatures can make the leaves start to droop. Exposure to high temperatures for more than a day or two can hinder the growth of the plant.

How long should it take this strain to flower, if conditions are right?
Fast Buds White Widow strain is an autoflowering variety that should start to produce flowers within 9 weeks, ideal for those who like a fairly quick harvest.

What does White Widow Taste Like?
Said to be a favorite among old-timers, Fast Buds’ White Widow strain is said to be earthy and musky, yet spicy and a little sweet. Some have described its unique terpene profile as combining dried fruits with spices and earth.

Learn More Today!
Interested in growing your own White Widow plants from seeds? Check out the autoflowering strain White Widow seeds available online at You can learn more right at their website, but you can also reach out to them directly with questions, concerns, or comments at

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