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Things Your Magento SEO Expert Should Be Familiar With

Dan Kogan

As you do your research trying to find the best SEO companies with experience using Magento as an eCommerce website, there are some things you will want to keep your eye out for. Although every case varies, there are some specific things that any Magento SEO expert should be knowledgeable about. Since you may not be familiar with this field yourself, you probably would not know enough about search engine optimization and Magento as an ecommerce platform to assess whether or not you feel confident with the Magento SEO services you are being provided. To help you be better prepared for hiring Magento SEO services, we have listed some of the best signs that your Magento SEO expert is knowledgeable and well-suited to improving your ecommerce website’s search engine rankings. While looking for skilled SEO companies that work with Magento websites, you should look to see how much experience they have with the following processes in order to provide the best service to you.

Improving Load Speed
You will definitely want your Magento SEO expert to know about the importance of site speed and what they can do in order to improve this aspect of your Magento store. The speed at which your eCommerce website loads makes a huge difference to your analytics. Consumers expect websites to load quickly and are becoming more inclined toward instant gratification, so their patience is very limited. Having a load speed that is too slow will affect the user experience and potentially increase the bounce rate on your website. Users will likely become impatient and move on to look at another company from the search result page. Slower load speeds are also shown to reduce conversions, meaning they will lead to less sales – and not just for Magento sites, but for all eCommerce websites. You want to make sure when you bring traffic to your website, that those users move on to navigate the website further and potentially make a conversion. SEO companies and experts working with ecommerce websites should absolutely understand how important it is that a website loads quickly and how they can go about improving that for you.

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Optimizing Content With Keywords
Your website is full of text all throughout from the home page, to the About Us section, and every single product page. All of this text, known as content or copy, is an opportunity for you. This is where you are able to incorporate keywords into your website and improve its chances of appearing higher in the search engine results pages when consumers look up a particular phrase. You can optimize the content all over your website from blogs to product descriptions and everything in between in order to improve the website’s search result rankings and the chances that a shopper will find your online store. This involves keyword research, performing an audit over the website, and checking for duplicate content to remove. Any Magento SEO expert should not only know about this already, but express it to you clearly right away since it is an essential for SEO services. You simply cannot practice SEO without performing keyword research and optimizing content throughout the website.

Overall, Magento is a fantastic eCommerce platform that gives you a great deal of freedom to customize your online store so that it is exactly what you want for your brand. It is also a very common platform, so many SEO companies will claim to be knowledgeable about working with it, making it harder to discern which are actually adept at optimizing Magento websites and which are not. The factors listed above are very general skills that a Magento SEO expert should already know about thoroughly and be able to help you with, so check to see if they are confident in their abilities to perform these services. You might find it helpful to check out for their Magento SEO services. They are familiar with the platform and work with it often, so they should be able to help you with anything you need to better promote your business, from linking building to social media marketing and everything in between, for the ultimate plan for long-term growth.

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