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Things that Make Your Candles Wanted for Customers

custom candle boxes
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Understand the Charisma of Candles in Recent Times 

As you know, the candle is an essential part of our daily routine life. The use of candles to lighten up the rooms and dark places is changed with the decorating purposes. Add to this; people buy candles to gift their dearest people on various occasions. Some people use an aromatic and fragmented candle to provide relaxation to your mind in their rooms. Plus, without candles, our parties and dinners look dull and boring. So, to fulfill the endless demand for candles, manufacturers produce unique and innovative product lines for their customers. And pack in the custom candle boxes to make them engaging. Let’s see what stages you should follow to obtain luxurious candle boxes. 

Choosing Quality and Thick cardstock 

The Candle box is the outer cover of your products that represent the quality of your candles in front of target audiences. On this subject, you need to choose durable and robust cardstock for your candle packaging boxes. Here is the cardstock that is common in the industry for eco-friendly and best packaging solutions. 

  • Cardboard 
  • Kraft 
  • Corrugated 
  • Rigid 

All cardstock explain above for you are recyclable, reshapeable, and affordable. However, the use of rigid channel boxes may be a little expensive for you. But, you can opt for them candle gift boxes to provide quality products. The most common cardstock thickness is 14pt, 18pt, and 24pt. 

Offer a Stylish Opening for your Candle Boxes 

Another imperative factor is to provide easy and stylish unboxing experiences of candle box packaging for their clients. On this subject, you can use multiple esthetic, and sleek packaging styles that attract your end-users and bound to aging buy your products. Here are some incredible styles of candle boxes that engage the users and facilitate your customers. 

  • Sleeve boxes 
  • 1-2-3 auto bottom 
  • Cylindrical shaped boxes 
  • Flip-top candle boxes 
  • Handle boxes 
  • Pillow shaped boxes 
  • Window boxes
  • Tuck-end boxes  
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All these styles are only a few types of candle packaging. So, you can order online such types of custom candles boxes that are available in various sizes as per your candles. Also, all styles are easy to open to provide an everlasting impression to your end-users. 

Annexation of Beautiful Graphics themes and Motifs on Candle Box 

There are multiple options available for your custom printed candle boxes that superbly work to catch your audience. On this subject, you can apply the 3D graphic design of fragrance flavor on the candle box to communicate to your audiences what aromatic candles are packed inside the box. Plus, you can follow a specific designs theme to print motifs on your candle cases. For example, you can use symmetrical design patterns in various shapes for different types of aromatic candles as per their ingredients. Also, you can use intricate lines, marbling texture, and other narrative designs patterns on your candle box. 

Choose Perfect Colour Combination and Model for Candle Cases 

Now it’s time to decide what color combination you want and what color model you like to create these shades. There are two common color models in the industry: CMYK and the other is PMS. Sometimes, brands use CMYK color printing to make shades by mixing cyan, yellow, magenta, and key black. 

On the other hand, some use PMS (Pantone Matching System) that offers a wide variety of shades for you. So, pick color models as per your need, and you make colors by using both models shades for custom candle boxes wholesale. In this regard, you can add 4 colors and 2 PMS colors for printing. 

Lock You Candle Box Designing with Coatings 

In the end, now lock your candle box designing with choosing the perfect coating for your candle packaging boxes. No matter if you want waxy coatings, matte look, foiling, and spot UV coating, you can apply them to your boxes to increase the worthiness of your candles. Next to this, you can use embossing and debossing and many other options on your candle boxes. 

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Ending Thoughts

The gist of the above information is to provide a loveliness look to your candle boxes that create the urge in your target customers to buy these candles. In this regard, you need to understand the importance of candle boxes in recent times and then design your packaging according to them. So, you need to choose perfect cardstock, styles, designs, and color combinations for your candles that grasp your customers’ attention in seconds. And, all elements can be done by using custom candle boxes instead of premade packaging solutions. 

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