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The Real Reason You Need Shopify SEO Services

Jacob Alex

Given the intuitive nature of modern eCommerce platforms, setting up a completely functional online store has become quite easy. A good example of this is Shopify. The platform recently launched its Online Store 2.0, which is a form of showing off the new capabilities of their Liquid core programming language.

As we said, using the platform seems to require little to no knowledge of coding or programming for it to provide merchants with basic selling tools. So, why would anyone need Shopify SEO services?

Setting up a simple online store is one thing. Crafting a professionally looking eCommerce business that effectively attracts traffic and provides users with a unique experience, that’s a whole different game.

Anyone who has spent enough time going through all the different templates, plugins, and add ons available for Shopify websites will soon notice that there seems to be an infinite amount of possible combinations that might provide a series of advantages and disadvantages for your website. Moreover, some options are incompatible with one another or might cause conflicts when used together. This makes the process of choosing the features you want for your website more complicated than just installing the first few recommended options that pop up as soon as you jump into the editor.

Another common problem is setting up all the graphic elements correctly aligned to your brand’s image. No matter how “customizable” your chosen template is, the level of customization required to make your website adapt to the needs of your brand, and not the other way around, can only be achieved by modifying the source code.

Suppose a merchant is happy with the way a stock template looks and works. Indeed, there are thousands of store owners out there who seem happy with their default Shopify settings. However, driving organic traffic to a store, and enticing users to browse through product pages, is something only a professionally designed website can do.

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Digital marketing encompasses everything an eCommerce business must do in order to start selling its products. Shopify SEO services are in high demand right now for very good reasons.

The only way for a website to be competitive and start ranking in search results is by adopting an effective SEO strategy. It starts by diving deep into Shopify´s source code, eliminating the limitations it imposes on regular users and ultimately unleashing its true potential.

Having a team of Shopify web design experts by your side not only allows you to implement necessary changes on your website to help your business. The platform is constantly updating its templates and plugins, which sometimes cause glitches and bugs that can cause performance problems or even unexpected downtimes or security breaches if they´re not addressed promptly.

Highly optimized websites work like other high-performance machines. Any small tweak on the code will affect other parts of a website and cause chain reactions with unexpected consequences. Shopify SEO experts are trained to implement incremental changes that gradually increase a website’s chances of ranking for the desired keywords.

A website built for performance is more likely to rank as Google values factors such as speed, responsiveness, URL structure, optimized images, effective and informative copy, and clearly sequenced conversion funnels. Shopify SEO services offered by reputable SEO agencies like Genius eCommerce include keyword research, content strategy creation, technical SEO optimization, and backlinking strategies. These services are designed to outpace the competition and provide long-term results that only a relative handful of Shopify stores can achieve.

If you want to know how professional SEO services can help position your business at the top of Google search results, let our team perform an in-depth eCommerce SEO audit and lay out a detailed SEO strategy for long-term success.

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