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The Importance of Tartar Control for Dogs

Gregory Tilford

Caring pet owners want what’s best for their companions and try to do as much as they can to ensure that they have long, happy, and healthy lives with them. They will find great brands of pet food with good ingredients to make sure their dogs are eating well, take them for walks and get them some much needed exercise and playtime, and show them lots of affection so they know that they are loved. Your dogs appreciate all of these things, even if they don’t have the words to tell you. With all of this love and care, you can greatly improve your dog’s quality of life and health so they can spend as much time as possible loving you and being your best friend. As you carry out all of these things, one thing you want to remind yourself is to look after their dental health as well. This plays a huge part in their overall well-being, but is often forgotten. Just as we need to look after our dental health, we have to look out for our dogs’ teeth as well. This involves being on the lookout for warning signs like tartar and plaque and taking actions to either prevent or treat these concerns. We’re going to focus on tartar in particular and go over how important it is that you practice tartar control for dogs to keep them healthy.

Dental Care for Dogs
People often think of their dogs’ health and immediately go to things like heart health, diet, exercise, and so on. But what they fail to consider is their dental health. Neglecting your dog’s oral health can have some major ramifications for its well-being and can extend past the teeth and gums if you are unlucky. In the best case scenarios, issues with your dog’s teeth will result in bad breath and perhaps tooth loss. In the worst cases, unhealthy gums and teeth can contribute to severe pain, gum disease, and bacteremia, which spreads bacteria from the gums to other organs through the bloodstream. It can get pretty scary over time, so you really want to avoid these concerns altogether and practice preventative measures while you can.

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Dangers of Tartar
One of the most common issues we find with dogs’ dental care is tartar buildup. This is the calcified plaque on the teeth that might appear along the gum lines as a different color, for reference. It is essentially hardened bacteria that adheres to the teeth and becomes difficult to remove. If left untreated, it can cause gum disease, tooth decay, and other serious health concerns you would much rather avoid. This is where tartar control for dogs comes in to potentially spare your pet of some serious health problems and pain.

What You Can Do to Help
One of the best things you can do to protect your dog’s oral health is to practice tartar control for dogs and keep tartar from building up to the point that it becomes a real threat. Here is where we finally have some good news that might bring you some relief. Although tartar buildup is very common in dogs, it can also be treated with the right products in your own home, giving you one less costly trip to the veterinarian’s office. You can do some research online and look for easy remedies with safe, natural ingredients for tartar control for dogs.

A great example of tartar control for dogs that you can use at home is the SeaDent treatment available at It is an all natural oral supplement that is formulated to remove plaque and prevent tartar, supporting healthy teeth and gums. It is a great brand and this product genuinely works with regular use, so give it a shot and help your friendly pup out.

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