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Ten professional ways to improve your ecommerce store setup

Dave Jones

Ecommerce business is taking a leap with the advent of COVID-19 last year, where most brick-and-mortar businesses have switched to online stores to expand their business. Ecommerce store Setup have become a necessity because most people prefer to shop online through their mobile phones.

You can hire an Amazon marketing agency for your Amazon Ecommerce store setup with a responsive web design and interactive features. In this post, you will get to know how to improve your ecommerce store set up in ten professional ways such as:

Optimize Product Imagery

To make sure your online store looks good and attractive, add high-resolution images, but the file size shouldn’t be too large. Products with fascinating ideas captivate the attention of your web visitors and build your brand credibility.

 It also improves the user experience of customers on your website. Customers are more likely to purchase from your store if they can see product images on your store.

Easy To Navigate

A simple and easy-to-navigate website drives more conversions and converts the browsers into buyers. Make sure your customers can easily find the information they are looking for on your website because a website that is difficult to browse compels the visitors to leave the website.

There should be a search bar where the customers can search for the information with relevant filters. There must be a clear call to action on every web page, especially your web homepage.

Ensure Your Product Description Is Accurate

Another tip to improve your ecommerce store is to provide only relevant and accurate information, whether it be product pricing, descriptions, product imagery, or videos. You can integrate a PIM (product information management) system with your ecommerce store for this.

Add Customer Quotes

Feedback from previous customers can help in gaining the trust of your customers and increase your brand credibility. While designing your website, make sure to add a section to show off your previous customer’s feedback.

There must be a section for the product or service ratings on your website. Add your project portfolio or case studies you have done previously. Client testimonials on your website increase the customer’s trust in your brand.

Build Dynamic Page Layouts

Content blocks act as building blocks that help create your web pages, such as text blocks, image sliders, and videos. Contrast improves the user experience and assists in identifying different web pages on your website by highlighting your products.

Conversion Path Optimization

Using color contrast to highlight the important pages and options on your website can increase your conversion rates. Use contrast that will make a CTA button stand out on your website.

 If a button can lead to conversions, it should be contrasted with your background theme to captivate the attention of your target audience.

Offer Multiple Customer Service options

Your customers must be your priority, and make sure they have a good experience on your website. There must be a “Contact Us” option on your website to address your customer concerns and queries. Add an automated chatbot, live chat options, FAQ section, and integrated social media pages.

Adaptive to all devices

Your website should be responsive on all devices, whether mobile phones, desktops, laptops, or tablets. A responsive website drives more conversions by converting more web visitors into potential customers.

Don’t alienate some of your customers by providing a superior user experience on mobile devices but not on desktops and tablets. An adaptive website plays a vital role in the success of your ecommerce store.

Ensure a consistent branding

Most customers keep flicking from one app to another these days, so make sure to market your brand on different platforms and devices to drive more conversions. You must have profiles on various social media platforms to reach out more potential customers.

 Most of the customers visit your pages on social media platforms before making an online purchase. So, your branding must be consistent on all platforms.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Ask for your customer’s reviews on your websites and other social media pages you have to increase the credibility of your website. Ask them to rate your products and services so you can improve your services. It also helps you in understanding your customer needs and how you can enhance your services.


Your website layout plays an essential role in the success of your online business. Whether looking for a product or service, we pay attention to the website layout whenever we browse online. The customers are certainly unimpressed by a website that is difficult to navigate and clunky.

On the contrary, a responsive and user-friendly website helps build your customers’ trust and credibility in your business. Your web design says a lot about your brand; it’s not only about the looks but the functionality too.

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