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Strange Secrets about Cardboard Boxes That Can Ruin All its Reputation

Earstine Harvey

Cardboard boxes are considered a popular packaging solution. It can keep many big and small products safe from damage. These boxes are lightweight and easy to transport from one place to another. Corrugated cardboard is a popular packaging material suitable for art and craft projects. The packaging world is full of options and has evolved over the years. When we talk about cardboard packaging, we focus only on the advantages. They are cost-effective and durable at the same time. However, the biggest issue is that many people don’t know strange secrets. Here are some strange secrets about cardboard boxes that can ruin all its reputation:

Not suitable for heavy products

The cardboard boxes are eco-friendly in nature and lightweight. However, the biggest problem is that they are not suitable for heavy items. Many brands sell dishwashers and big electronic appliances. This packaging is not suitable for keeping these heavy products safe from damage. Some brands don’t realize and may pack their products inside a cardboard box. As a result, their electronic products get damaged and frustrate the customers. In some cases, these boxes can deform and increase your brand’s budget.

If this packaging gets extreme pressure, the product is bound to be damaged. It doesn’t mean that these boxes cannot handle pressure, but only to some extent. For making this packaging secure, you can add inserts or safety nets, but they will be costly. It will help you deal with the offset created by an impact or vibration during shipping. There is no doubt that these boxes can deform quickly under extreme pressure. If the box gets pressure from sideways, it will bend, crumple and pucker. When customers get defective products, they will not purchase from the same brand.

Not good for waterproofing

The cardboard box suppliers make sure that they create durable packaging. Brands are worried about the safety of their products. If the packaging is not good, it can damage the product while the brand’s reputation is also at stake. Since cardboard is biodegradable, it will instantly degrade after coming in contact with water. You will notice that the cardboard packaging becomes damp and very weak whenever it rains.

While shipping big and small products, the packaging must resist these conditions.

Some brands wrap their cardboard box with plastic to keep the water away. If water gets into the box, it can deteriorate the quality of products. Nowadays, customers are savvy, and they will not compromise on the quality of products they choose. It is certainly not a good choice for waterproofing when it comes to a cardboard box. Not only water but other types of liquid can saturate the product. When it seeps inside the cardboard box Brisbane, it will make the products very defective. It will affect the sales and reputation of the brand. If you are starting a new brand, it is important to pay attention to these things.

Can deform easily

One strange secret about cardboard packaging is that it can deform due to extreme pressure. You cannot rely on such boxes as they damage the product, especially during shipping. Brands are using a cardboard box with a lid as it helps their customers carry their products easily. The cardboard is relatively weak and can fold or tear away easily. Some trading cards made with this material tend to break due to pressure.

The manufacturers must try hard and craft double-walled cardboard corrugated boxes. It will help keep the safety intact and allow brands to deliver products in good condition. When the durability is enhanced, it will help the brand keep its image elevated among buyers. When homeowners move to their new homes, they use a cardboard box to pack their belongings. As it cannot hold heavy items, people are now changing their minds. They are using corrugated plastic containers that are much more durable.

Lacks aesthetics and visual appeal

Even though many brands use cardboard boxes in Sydney, they are not happy with the visual appeal. They have to customize it in many ways to enhance the visual appeal. The packaging design determines the sales of a product, so brands cannot take a chance. Plenty of finishes, including UV, matte, glitter, aqueous coating, and laminations, are used on them. Cardboard signs don’t appear to be very pleasing to the customers. Compared to this material, the signs made with other materials seem to be a better choice. This cardboard material is printing-friendly.

Offset and digital printing are used to print descriptive information about the products. It can be an expensive choice for brands as they have to work hard on the aesthetic appeal of cardboard material. The appearance of a corrugated box is less desirable for craft projects. Beauty is the major goal for a brand owner as customers are attracted to it. Corrugated cardboard has a rough appearance due to its internal structure. The rigid interiors are prone to wrinkle and bend. If you build any structure with this material, it will not look tidy.

Difficult to fold and cut

The cardboard boxes wholesale are available at affordable rates. However, there are a lot of other problems associated with them. The corrugated cardboard has a layered structure. It is difficult to cut an intricate or curved shape from the sheet. Even if you work hard to cut them, they will still look untidy. Mostly the inner layer will show from deep within, creating a problem for the brand owners. Another disadvantage of using cardboard is that it is difficult to fold. You can never create neat folds from a corrugated box. The inner layers will dictate the overall shape and size of these boxes.

It is hard for the cardboard box company to deal with this material as it will stretch in undesirable ways. While cutting cardboard into a particular shape, it isn’t easy to set a certain angle. Corrugated material has two outer and one inner layer making it challenging to cut it evenly. Sometimes both the sides are cut into different sizes, wasting your time and effort. If you want to create an appealing packaging design, this material can become a hindrance.

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