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Steps to Create the Perfect Custom-Built Home

Emanuel E Pope

As a first-time buyer, building your dream home can be exciting as well as confusing. Even if you already own a home and want to purchase a new one, the available options can seem overwhelming.

One main difference between spec homes and custom-built homes Calgary you should know is the level of flexibility. With custom homes, you have total control of the construction process, from designing to finishing.

Also, you don’t have to have everything jotted down before meeting your builder because they can offer you valuable advice on essential details.

However, here are some things to consider beforehand:

Find the Right Location
Perhaps you own a piece of land; then, you can get started on it. Or many custom home builders own several lot types and sizes that can suit your specific requirements. You can explore various locations to check which one best matches your purposes and lifestyle.

For instance, if you wish to have picturesque views surroundingyour home, you can consider the hilltops of Calgary. Likewise, the proximity of the selected location to schools, work, and transit options is also crucial. The next step is to buy a lot that fits your family’s needs.

Choose the Square Footage
Even if you have not finalized the home design first, you will have a general idea of how big the house should be. So, get a rough estimate of the needed square footage. Should it be a single-floor or multi-level home? Do you need a walk-out basement or separate pantry? If you have kids, they willneed a dedicated play area or study room.

Next, narrow down the must-haves and things that you cannot tolerate. These could be an aversion to traffic or the love of natural sunlight. Accordingly, you can choose either a large lot or a south-facing one.

Plan Your Budget
Custom homes are priced by the base model rate plus the cost of the lot and added features. Again, the lot pricing depends on location, size, amenities in the neighbourhood, and more. Other costs that add up are:

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• Number of rooms
• Bathrooms
• Smart systems
• Walk-in closets
• Master suites
• Extra storage
• Luxury kitchen, etc.

These must-have features can make or break the budget; it is better to plan out your limitations before going to a builder. Take into account your monthly costs, how much you can set aside for the construction, mortgage terms, property taxes, operating costs, and other unexpected expenses.

Consider Your Lifestyle
Homeowners don’t just look for the right location and premium features but want the house to reflect their personality and lifestyle. For instance, as a car aficionado, you may own two or more; you will need a spacious garage. If you entertain often, you need additional guest rooms and a recreation area.

Suppose you want your home to feel like the ultimate stressbuster; you can include a spa addition to the master bathroom. A wine cellar, library, grand home theatre, and a sunroom can also be on the list of things that let you relax.

Once you have zeroed in the above,you can speak to custom-built homes Calgary. They will suggest potential layouts that can work to suit your tastes.

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