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Some known facts about personalizing corrugated packaging & why matter

Noah Brown

The corrugated boxes are often known as Kraft boxes. They are popular packaging materials, so their demand is high among buyers. They are most durable as compared to other materials. It is possible that once you have used these corrugated boxes. You won’t want to use anything else because of high quality. No ordinary shipping box can compare to the uniqueness of corrugated boxes. No matter how fragile your products are. Corrugated boxes will keep them safe and maintain their shape. Corrugated boxes are useful for designing and manufacturing custom corrugated boxes.

Why corrugated packaging is ideal for shipping

Corrugated boxes are the perfect solution for packaging. Although, you may be curious to know how boxes can provide so much help. Standard packaging boxes have only a single sheet of paper, making them unsuitable for shipping fragile goods over long distances. There are three layers of sustainable material in corrugated shipping boxes. Inside, exterior, and middle liners make up these layers. Irrespective because it is so sturdy and light, it is the ideal choice for shipping.

However, corrugated shipping boxes are so durable that no matter how many jolts and shocks they receive. Nothing will happen to this packaging as it is indestructible and can withstand extreme temperatures. Because of the three-layer corrugated box packaging, the product is less likely to damage.

How many kinds of corrugated boxes are available

Double-wall corrugated box

Four basic board types use most frequently in corrugated packaging. Among them, the single wall-board and the double wall-board are the most common. Using this sort of material, the goods to protect from the inside. They do not lose their shape and originality. The product is well-protect from harm. To top it all off, they protect the valuables by acting as a soft cushion layer. However, if you are shipping big items over long distances, a double-wall corrugated box is the best choice.

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Profiles of flute

Flutes come in a variety of shapes, such as A, B, C, D, and E. The box’s thickness determines this factor. Corrugated box flute A is the thickest. For those products that require extra cushioning or protection, flute packaging is a go-to thing. Also, to avoid being subject to shocks and stacking the Flute A box packaging is ideal.

Grades on the board

It’s called Mullen or Edge Crush Test (ECT). It measures the amount of pressure a box can withstand before it is crush and piled on top when a box is pierced or shattered; it measures the Mullen.

Affordable rates of corrugated boxes

In the retail packaging market, corrugated boxes are more valuable since they customize. Corrugated packaging is a growing desire for personalized packaging. However, most firms and brands pay close attention to getting their boxes customization. Most people will only buy a product if its packaging box looks to be unusual in its appearance.

Often custom printed corrugated boxes offer in different finishes:

  • Stamping foil
  • UV spot
  • Lamination Silver and Gold
  • Glittery effect
  • Debossing and embossing finishing
  • Matte or gloss finish

Because of picking corrugated boxes, you will be able to further customize the boxes with many types of decorations and accessories. Such as ribbons, bows, and other decorative items added to corrugated boxes. For certain occasions like Christmas, New Year, weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and many other events. These custom corrugated boxes are ideal.

Why corrugated boxes are best as compared to another packaging?

Easy to carry/ lightweight

These boxes are extremely light. A corrugated board is an economical transportation medium that is easy to pack, load, and unload.

Safeguards and Protection

Corrugated boxes are sturdy enough to survive during any miss-handling and transit. It is because of the stiffness of the reinforced board and the protection provided by the corrugated cushion.

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Affordable rate

Considering that the basic materials necessary to produce them are cheap and widely available, corrugated boxes are a very cost-effective way to move items


Its high-tech structure guarantees that corrugated cardboard held a variety of weights. While providing a robust barrier to protect the contents from damage during transit. Not that long ago that corrugated mailer boxes were rather simple. But over time, they have become more sophisticated in terms of design, material, and manufacture. Also, corrugated boxes are water-resistant. They are cover with a substance that ensures no damage to the boxes.

Moisture protection

Because of its solid composition, corrugated cardboard protects its contents from moisture, which is a significant hazard, especially in humid environments, during long transit durations, or in outdoor environments.

Capabilities in Printing and Graphics

A wide range of print techniques, such as digital and litho, is available for custom corrugated boxes. One may get custom printed corrugated boxes in diverse varieties. This feature makes these boxes very effective for marketing and branding. To make sure that buyers are aware of important information, such as product material, ingredients, and contact information. All the important information place on the custom printed corrugated boxes. Boxes made of corrugated cardboard are available in a broad range of sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns that meet the needs and requirements of customers.

Designed to Order

Keeping in mind the specific requirements of customers, custom printed boxes create. A variety of options are available in the market and online. Which includes single wall PVA glued cartons, double wall cartons that PVA glued or stitched, and die-cut boxes. Also, the special style of corrugated mailer boxes impresses the customers.  


Materials such as cardboard have a lower environmental impact than other packaging materials such as plastic since they can recycle and re-use repeatedly. Boxes made of corrugated cardboard are one of the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting packaging options for many applications since they do.

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 Because of their simple recycling, the materials are eco-friendly because of their printing capabilities; they are suitable. However, brands use biodegradable materials in our production of custom corrugated boxes. This allows you to re-use and recycle the boxes in so many creative ways.

Why corrugated boxes matter in packaging?

Corrugated boxes design so beautifully that they do not need any printing. In addition, to make them more trendy and attractive, the superior quality of ink is using. While protection product is the priority of manufacturer. As a result, brands oppose the use of hazardous materials in packaging boxes. So that they can achieve that goal of customer satisfaction.

Also, the brands guarantee that the outstanding corrugated boxes they supply will improve the sales. If you are doing e-commerce business. Custom printed corrugated boxes give visibility and an edge to the brand.

You may market your goods with the help of custom-designed packing boxes. Just by looking at the product’s packaging, people will want to buy it. Because of this, these packages are ideal for your business or brand because they are pocket-friendly. By presenting your business with a perfect representation, manufacturers create attractive logos that boost your company’s position in the market.

However, these corrugated boxes are durable, clients can trust to use them for their packaging needs. As a storage and shipping purpose, these corrugated mailer boxes are ideal. Although corrugated mailer boxes will avoid ripping, splitting, and bursting when compared to other cardboard boxes. When you need to ship anything overseas. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that it will arrive safely.

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