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Simple Electrical Repairs Or Fire Hazard?

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ELecture Fixes – How simple can it be yet how dangerous it can be if left unattended

When you think about it, accidents and deaths happen more often at home rather than on the road, at sea or in the air. A place you think is a safe haven may not be as safe as you think. Connecting electrical wires can be a secret danger that you’re not aware of, and neglecting it could be a mistake you don’t want to make.

Nowadays we are also keen on making home improvements, and repairs can be a bit costly, and so we often choose not to do it ourselves. But all too often we choose to ignore repair work until absolutely necessary or when it becomes a hindrance to our daily activities.

A good example is electrical repairs, many times homeowners ignore many electrical repairs. Even the simplest, like putting electrical tape on exposed wires is ignored, until we get an electric shock or sparks in front of you. Now, if you are not very adept at dealing with small electrical issues, it may be wise for you to hire an electrician, it can be a bit costly, but it is worth it when you prevent fires and deaths in the family.

But there are very simple electrical repairs that you can do yourself, and you only need basic knowledge for it, and here are some tips to get you started.

Tip 1:

Make sure your state allows you to perform electrical repairs without permits. If so, you can go ahead and fix your electrical system. But if your state requires you to get a permit, you must obtain a permit to do so first before embarking on any repair

Tip 2:

When you begin to repair, you must make sure that the electrical power is turned off at the circuit breaker, and it is not enough to turn off the switch. You must turn off the power at the circuit breaker or else you risk getting shocked or worse, electrocuted because the socket will still work.

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Tip 3:

Never work on any electrical equipment when your feet touch water or a wet floor, as this puts you at risk of electric shock. If you are working in the shower or near anywhere that may have water, stand on a rubber mat. The rug will act as an insulator and reduce the risk, rather than standing directly on the floor. You should also make sure to wear dry clothes as well. Remember that water conducts electricity and that you risk an electric shock if you are wet or standing on a wet floor.

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