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Reasons Why Reseller Hosting Is Becoming a Popular Choice among Businesses

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Reseller hosting in India is one of the most lucrative options to help your business generate a more steady source of income. Whether you consider making it a part of your existing business or a standalone business, reselling hosting will surely help you fetch great results. Companies that require multiple cPanels can also consider reseller hosting as a great choice. It will help companies save big on costs and make managing hosting easier since businesses will no longer have to purchase multiple hosting accounts.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a service offered by big hosting companies. It enables an individual or a company to sell web hosting services to their customers with their label. So, if you are someone with a dream of building a web hosting business, there is no better way to do that than reseller hosting. You just need to rent servers from any renowned web hosting provider at economical rates and sell the space on this server to your different clients. It will not just help you grow your business but will also contribute to generating substantial ROI.

With reseller hosting, you will be paying a monthly fee to your service provider based on the services or resources they are offering. In turn, you can charge your clients whatever amount you want.

It can be a great addition to business for companies that offer services like website development and website designing. As most of your clients will have to host their website, you can offer them the hosting services as a part of your package. It is a great way to generate steady income after you deliver the website to the client.

Why Reseller hosting is gaining popularity?

  1. Requires low investment

Capital is a vital consideration for any business. To build or run any business, you need a generous amount of capital. But with reseller hosting services, you don’t need to invest huge funds. It is because you are not required to hire professionals to manage the servers. Also, there will be no additional infrastructure cost and no hassle of handling hardware failure as it will all be managed by the end of the hosting company.

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You are only required to have funds for leasing the server space. You can start with the basic reselling hosting plans, and as soon as your business expands, you can move on to renting hosting plans that offer better resources.

  1. No need to hire technical expertise

The biggest advantage of setting up a reseller hosting business is that it doesn’t require you to have an additional skill set or expertise to manage the servers. All you need is a software called WHMCS (Web hosting management complete solution), which will help you set up your business and control it with ease. It enables you to keep track of payments and send emails and reminders to people with due payments. Moreover, you can add or delete the accounts of your customer, allocate permissions and set limits to their usage using WHMCS.

The dashboard and the interface of the software are extremely easy to use. In times of trouble, you can always go to the Help Section on the dashboard to get answers to your queries.

  1. Rising demands for personalized hosting services

It is not easy for every individual or business owner to set up and run their website. They need a bit of assistance. It is where they look for companies that offer reseller hosting services. As most of the big hosting companies have a large customer base, they fail to answer their customers’ queries timely. With reseller hosting services, it is not an issue as you will get all queries answered by dedicated customer support.

  1.  Bigger and better profits

Profits play a crucial role in deciding the growth of the company. And there is no denial of the fact that reseller hosting in India is turning around as one of the most profitable business ventures as you don’t have to invest a lot to run it. The only capital you will be investing in is the reseller hosting pay.

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Since the investment is low, it leaves a bigger margin for the profits. Especially if you are someone with a large customer base, you will not have to spend much on customer acquisition for your reseller hosting business. It will help you make better profits without investing much in building your client base.


Considering reseller hosting as a part of your business can help you gain a lot of benefits than you ever imagine. Also, reseller hosting in India is a great way of expanding the portfolio of your services. Whenever businesses or individuals sign up for your services, you will earn profits. So wait no more and expand your business now to generate additional profits.

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