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Polymer Clay Tools to Transform Your Hobby

Blair Motchan

In artistry, the most important tools you could have are your own two hands. These alone are already capable of creating some amazing works of art, complete with detail from top to bottom. These are most likely the tools you will start off with as you begin working with polymer clay as a medium. However, after a while of manipulating the clay by hand, you will likely want to branch out and utilize other resources at your disposal to see what else you can do with this material.

At that point, you should look at some of the other polymer clay tools out there and consider what they are intended to help you do. Then with that knowledge, you can pick out the exact polymer clay tools that can help you to achieve those results. Polymer clay in general is a very easy material to work with and it is incredibly beginner-friendly, so it is a good material to work with even if you are not the most familiar with other types of clay. Combine this trait with the right tools and you can have a highly versatile medium that can become whatever you want from it. The tools that you wish to use are up to you based on what you would like to do with your art, but we can provide a few suggestions considering what is the most popular to use and what will give you a lot of range in your supplies kit. Here are our picks for polymer clay tools to help you turn your projects into whatever you want them to be.

Clay Cutters
Cutters look very much like the cookie cutters you have in your kitchen drawers and they serve a similar purpose. These tools are designed to help you cut your clay out into certain shapes with little trouble. You just have to roll out your clay to the thickness you want and stamp on the cutter to create the general shape of a flower, perfect circle, teardrop, etc. From there you can move on with adding details. It helps to move things along faster, especially if you are creating several pieces at once in the same shape.

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Detailing Tools
Small detailing tools are a great help when you are trying to add many tiny details to your work. It gives you much more control than your hands alone would be able to achieve and allows you to work small details into the design. These tools are highly versatile and come in handy for many projects. You can find these in pen form with lots of different end shapes to yield different results.

Craft Blade
A craft blade could either take the form of a small knife, or a larger slicing blade meant for cutting larger amounts of clay. These polymer clay tools are good for cutting up your material into the perfect segments, or for adding detail with a great deal of precision. The blade of one of these knives is very sharp and can help you get into your work to carve out finer design elements.

It might be a good idea for you to imagine all of the projects you want to work on using your polymer clay and then consider what it would take to get to that point. In many instances, you will find that the projects you want to create can be done much more easily with the use of the right tools. To shop for any of the polymer clay tools listed above or to explore even more options, you should head over to and see what they have in store for you to work with.

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