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Is your pet shipping company certified?

pet shipping company

Everyone loves their pets and wishes to take them along whenever they plan to go on a trip. Since it is not as easy as it sounds, many things come along while planning to take your pet along like; the documentation and formalities, permits, pet-friendly accommodation, transportation, etc. 

Since it is no piece of cake, certain service providers provide pet shipping services and take care of all the formalities and other requirements after getting hired once. You may not entrust just any company providing the pet shipping service but it must also have an IATA certification which is proof that the company is following all the norms and regulations required for safe shipments.

How is hiring pet shipping companies beneficial?

Logistically an easier way to entrust. If you think logically, when you are a sole person planning a trip or preparing everything to set into a move to a new location, there are already many things that you are trying to take care of altogether. With a responsibility of a pet along, the whole procedure will get very chaotic and hectic for you, and therefore hiring an upper hand to at least take off one responsibility from your shoulders is a lot easier way to manage things. 


When you hire a pet shipping company, they provide a door to door service and will take care of everything ranging from formal documentations, getting signed permits, transportation, and on-time delivery. You will only need to wave your furry friend goodbye.

Familiarity with the rules.

While you are taking care of things by yourself for the first time, being in the profession, the pet shipping companies are managing multiple deliveries every day and are very familiar with the rules according to a new location. You may take days into researching the required formalities as per the travel location while the company might already be aware of the requirements.

Less Stress

This is the most important and valid point. Since everyone must look up to reducing stress as much as possible, once you hire a pet transportation company, you will realize how relaxing it gets to walk around without worrying about it. The pet shipping companies work towards taking your stress away and helping you make a move or trips smooth as butter for you.

What are companies you may trust and are certified?

CitizenShipper – This is a company based in the USA and has been in the market serving the customer with a warm heart and utmost loyalty for many years. This company has a unique way of working. They have a huge contact base with the transporters and have a verified network. When the customer or breeders wish to make the pet shipment, the bid is raised on the portal, and the transporter who wins the bid may ship the pet to the destination with all the care and affection. You can track the shipment through a tracking ID provided by the company. This company has made its way through a leading industry by bringing innovation in the methods.

AirAnimal – This company was founded by a veterinarian in 1977 and had been working towards being the biggest company since. The company has a record of delivering the shipment with no marks of casualty or hurt.

company shipping pets

Being a hundred percent safe and trusted brand of the industry, the company has a huge customer base and also make the international shipments. They also provide frequent updates to the customer about how their pets are doing. You can easily get in contact with the service provider through a mobile application or online service chatbot.

AirPets America – This company is popularly known for the comforts of the pets. They have been in the industry for over 20 years and are dedicated to pets’ safety and client satisfaction. They provide their services for all sorts of destinations ranging from local, another state, or international delivery. Once you hire the company, they also take care of the grooming facilities for your pet. 

Your pet will enjoy the journey more than anything and would not feel even an ounce of anxiety rush throughout the travel. They also provide onboard medical facilities for emergency cases. The company provides a heavy discount for military relocations and also takes care of all the required formalities. Once your pet reaches the company’s facility, they make sure to perform essential medical checkups and implant a microchip if it hasn’t been installed already.

Happy Tails – Do you have pets that can easily occupy the whole zoo and need to make their shipment? Happy Tails is your one-spot solution. This company has been serving in the industry for many years and has always kept pets’ safety the topmost priority. Even after heavy transportation, responsibility has a record of delivering the packages very safely without causing a single casualty. They also offer heavy discounts on multiple pet shipping orders.

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