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Neetish Sarda- Relentless Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Aaron Watson

Apart from making crucial decisions for his businesses, as an entrepreneur, Neetish Sarda is always in the process to innovate and grow his ideas. Starting and nurturing a business entails a great amount of hard work and commitment. Neetish Sarda believes that one of the biggest reasons for his unstoppable success is his intense focus on client satisfaction. Neetish Sarda has dedicatedly worked on bringing the best customer experience and an approach of continuous innovation. Neetish Sarda has been working towards giving clients something extra every time, which helps in client retainment.  

Neetish Sarda took every backlash and negative comment coming his way into the innovation for his business. Neetish Sarda believes that ignoring the negative feedback will soon turn into a negative reputation. Neetish Sarda made his business Smartworks from the stretch no just in terms of establishment but also in terms of ideation. Smartworks has been innovating under the able leadership of Neetish Sarda.  

Neetish Sarda shares the vision that while praise and recognition are a sign that your services are well-received, negative feedbacks are the road to innovation and making a service that can satisfy everyone. Neetish Sarda has a relentless focus on improving the services for a better office experience from giving customized workplaces that perfectly fit the need of any organization to incorporating digital solutions in the eye of the current pandemic keeping the client and employee safety as the prime focus.  

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk.” Neetish Sarda took the path less traveled and decided to use his experience overseas and improvise Indian workplace norms. Neetish Sarda always had the vision to work in a customer-driven approach. Neetish Sarda believes that Smartworks is helping businesses grow in one way or the other, by improving employee satisfaction Smartworks is contributing towards boosting productivity and creativity. Neetish Sards is always moving in the direction of an action-driven approach that has pushed him to bring out the best of Smartworks.  

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Neetish Sarda is moving towards success with a customer-driven mindset and zeal to give an office experience that tops it all.  

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