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Make Your Bedroom a Place of Relaxation and Serenity with French Antiques

Megan Magana

With a dash of old-world France’s elaborate design and Provence’s earthy colors and calm textures, a French country-style bedroom incorporates the best of both worlds. A French country bedroom is an ethereal haven that exudes a sense of calm and serenity.

Antique French furniture is known for its longevity and continued opulence throughout the years, so in a sense, it sets the bar for other items. It’s both informal and refined, thanks to an eclectic combination of furnishings that appears like it’s been passed down through the generations.

In contrast to the brighter colors seen in living rooms and dining rooms, the area may be feminine without being overbearing and is often filled with a soft, but cheery, color palette. In a French country bedroom, you’ll find everything you need to create an atmosphere of exquisite luxury.

If you want a French country look in your bedroom, think of soft pastels and creamy whites, with pops of color inspired by nature. It’s possible to mix and match colors in surprising ways, yet they’re never excessively bright or harsh.

Despite its homey and relaxed appearance, French country bedroom furniture exudes a certain elegance that dates back to a bygone era. Elegant curves, ornamental headboards, or upholstery can be seen on beds, while drawers and cabinets are sometimes decorated with artistic metalwork or distressed finishes.

Even if you live in the middle of New York City, a bedroom adorned with French country furniture makes you feel like you’ve stepped into the countryside of France. Most other styles of furniture lack the weight and feel of these items. They serve a practical purpose, but they also serve as a statement piece of art.

It’s no secret that French country style is all about gingham checks and delicate blooms in mild yellows and greens. In a French country bedroom, you’ll find cushions of varying sizes and textures layered on top of one other.

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When considering antique French design, the adjective “ornate” comes to mind. For furniture, however, there is no overtly flamboyant Rococo style to be seen in French Country bedroom furniture designs.

There are a couple of types of French country bedroom furniture on the market nowadays, and you can often spot them right on. The patina and price of antique handcrafted pieces will match their elegance and sophistication. Four-poster canopies may be seen on certain French Country beds, although they don’t have the flamboyant embellishments of Rococo furniture.

If you really want your bedroom to be a relaxing sanctuary, fill it with the proper pieces of furniture. Assuming that you have a well-made French bed, you may begin to organize your room from there. Keep in mind that the French style generally incorporates flowery decorations, gentle tones, and solid frames into the design of each piece of furniture.

The furnishings in your bedroom should have a warm, inviting feel without being overly ostentatious or out of place. This type of furniture might be a bit of a struggle to find, though. Even if you’re lucky enough to find a broad variety of antiques at an estate sale, you can never be sure that they will match your tastes or the style you’re striving for.

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