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Learn Basic Air Conditioner Repair

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HVACS or heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems work to provide a cool temperature and atmosphere. Air conditioning can be central or room / window type. The difference between the two lies in the capacity, size, and amount of power consumption.

To know the simple but important maintenance techniques, the owner needs to know the basic mechanism and parts of a typical air conditioner. Key components include coils, compressors, thermostat controls, motors, and fans.

When it comes to repairs, a common problem with HVAC systems is accumulation of dust and dirt. It doesn’t matter if the air conditioner is small or big, cheap or expensive; certainly it always accumulates dirt and ignoring it will result in poor cooling and inefficiency.

The most important rule of thumb when attempting to perform maintenance or repair is to make sure the power is off and the cords are unplugged. In most cases, the capacitors can also get an electric shock from time to time, so drain the capacitors as well. But again, not all damages and problems can be completely solved  ac repair hendersonville. There are several components of HVAC systems that require the expertise of repair service personnel. This includes engine and compressor damage. Also, broken coils cannot be repaired and may need to be replaced at a service center.

However, keep in mind that we can solve not all air conditioning problems

without the help of a professional service technician. If the repair involves coil breakage, compressor or motor damage, it should be left to a specialist. You don’t want to risk further damaging your HVAC unit by experimenting with it.

But again, it’s always good to check in person and fix small issues that you think you can handle. There is no better way to keep your air conditioner fully functional than proper maintenance. You can check for leaks and dirt inside the vents and fans twice a month or more often.

In general, there are many simple ways to properly maintain and clean your air conditioner. However, if you cannot identify the problem, be sure to consult a professional repair service to avoid further damage to the unit.

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