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Kraft Paper and Its Benefits in Supply Chain

Sofia Claire
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Kraft paper is a very common packaging material used broadly in the food and e-commerce industry. In the last few years, the popularity of “anti-plastic” packaging and sustainable living has made kraft paper packaging more relevant among consumers. They are used to pack foods and vegetables, bread, online deliveries and so on.

Brown kraft paper wrapping rolls, kraft paper carrier bags and pouches are becoming the first choice for enterprise product packaging. World popular brands like Nike, McDonald’s, Samsung, Adidas, Reebok, Amazon have started using paper-based packaging to replace plastic shopping bags.

Kraft paper packaging, otherwise known as kraft paper bags are widely used and accepted among consumers globally. Here are some of the clear benefits:

It is made out of biodegradable materials

The benefits of kraft paper packaging lie not only to the end-user but also to the environment. These carrier bags or rolls are made from renewable sources which come from sustainable means.

Most of the raw paper pulp is resourced from sustainably managed forests and can be readily recycled.

Better branding

From a technical point of view, kraft paper rolls perform better in printing. The special colour of kraft paper rolls provides a better backdrop for patterns, fonts and other designs. The bags don’t need full-page printing.

Also, the printing cost for paper bags is much less than plastic carrier bags. This, in turn, reduces production costs, increasing the revenue margin.

It is multi-purpose

Kraft paper rolls can be used to pack multiple items in a number of different ways.

It is super flexible so it can be used as wrapping paper, paper carrier bags, pouches, envelopes and so much more. Unlike plastic bags which can only be recycled into more plastic bags, paper packaging can be formed into fibre-boards, paper sacks, corrugated sheets, etc.

Advanced high-quality paper bags allow dry foods to be stored on shelves protecting the product as well as the shelves.

With the extensive production of paper-based bottles being developed for soft drinks and milk; these packaging materials are soon going to replace plastic in many sectors.

Strength and durability

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that paper carrier bags are flimsy. In fact, some of the most robust protective packaging materials, cardboard boxes are made from paper.

Kraft paper is equipped to carry heavy loads. They also keep food items fresh for a long time.

Some kraft papers have a certain cushioning effect, anti-drop performance and stiffness.

Keeping food items safe

Paper is known to lock flavours of spices and flours, keeping it safe from pesticides.

Pet food, especially contains proteins, fats, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and other ingredients that provide a breeding ground for microorganisms.

Kraft paper packaging ensures that the nutritional value of these pet foods remains intact by inhibiting the activities of these microorganisms.

Kraft paper is more attractive and can be customised

This is one of the main aspects of kraft paper. They are super attractive and give off a luxurious vibe due to their neutral tones.

More than two-thirds of customers agree that kraft paper packaging looks better on product packages than other plastic-based packaging supplies.

They can be semi-bleached giving them a light brown colour. With full bleaching, it gives a beautiful paper cream or white colour. This customisation helps with branding and promotion.

Overall, kraft paper provides a convenient and environment-friendly solution for brands globally. It has become one of the universally preferred forms of packaging for products, food items and others. To showcase your products with distinctive kraft paper packaging, visit Wellpack Europe—one of the most reputed wholesale packaging suppliers in the U.K.

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