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Keep Things Interesting In Bed With Unique Butt Plugs

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There are men that are crazy about women’s breasts and others who drool at the sight of a shapely ass! Many women are very conscious of their butt more than anything else. This part of a woman’s body can usually reveal a little about the level of activities and exercise that they participate in regularly. The adjectives used by someone complimenting a woman’s butt are hot, sexy, shapely, tight, curvaceous, voluptuous, and more. There’s usually a thin line between what is acceptable as a compliment and something which should not be mentioned! If you get caught by a stranger staring at her shapely ass, it’s usually going to mean a humorous and embarrassing experience.

What is a butt plug?

By looking at someone’s butt, some people can tell if they are actively cycling, swimming, running,  or exercising. It’s very difficult to lose weight on your butt cheeks, and anybody who manages to lose weight in this area requires a reward! Consider the princess plug for sale online when complimenting your girlfriend on her tighter butt! These are similar in shape to a spade and considered easy to insert in the butthole. Most butt plugs are in a set of three sizes to ensure they stay in place for anybody regardless of their structure. As you continually use this adult sex toy, you might find the need to start using a larger plug.

It’s usually women that are experienced in bed that are comfortable with inserting a unique butt plug in their ass and removing it for that mind-blowing experience for men’s penises called safe anal sex. Nothing beats the feel of a tight ass with mild lubrication to reach a pinnacle in orgasms. Just remember not to anger your bed partner by inserting your unwashed schlong from her ass to her vagina without washing it first! Also, any woman needs to be careful not to go overboard initially with penetration of her butt to avoid soreness and other related side effects. You could lubricate the area properly before inserting a heart-shaped butt plug for women to show your man that you care about him.

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Experience the thrill of something new in bed!

At the best online store for adult sex toys which is popular for their bullet vibrator, BDSM gear, and glass dildos, they have witnessed a rise in demand for butt plugs. For some women, wearing sexy lingerie for sex is cliched. They prefer a unique butt plug to give their bed partner a pleasant surprise. When having sex with someone for the first time, choosing a princess plug on sale for the private event will hint that you are okay with anal sex.

Some experienced men recommend using a butt plug for doggy-style sex because it can be a big turn-on. One of the popular items at the top online store for sex toys is the foxtail butt plug. The woman wearing this can also use the furry ears for role-playing. If you are mounting your partner from the rear for sex, the foxtail stuck between her butt cheeks can make your erection harder and increase your attraction to her. You might like some of the BDSM gear with a butt plug to ensure the big bad wolf does not eat Red Riding Hood! Some of the sex toys for this are the wolf ears, handcuffs, glass flogger, and more.

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting options available for butt plugs at the leading online store-

Heart-shaped butt plug – Jeweled with artificial gems in a variety of contemporary colors

Princess butt plug – Studded with a Swarovski crystal or golden tassels in 18k

Foxtail butt plug – Seventeen-inch tail covered with fluffy fur and a headband with an animal’s ears

Flower butt plug – Gunmetal with inset flower jewels available in six pleasant colors

Glass butt plug – choose between silky pink and flamed orange

Final thoughts

As we grow older and more experienced, it becomes vital to experiment and try new things to avoid boredom and stagnation. Many very exciting things for younger men and women seem cliched for the older folks. Butt plugs do not become a stale idea as everybody likes to be an angel or beast in bed with various sex toys to keep their interest levels high. Experience something tried and tested with reliable toys for adults that are hand-picked and superior quality.

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